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Big Huey's Diner

23 of October 2014

Our lasting weeks of October took us to a nice, quiet and vastly friendly location – “Big Huey’s Diner” in South Melbourne. 338 more words


Walking & Climbing

18th November 2014 – Climbing (Fujifilm X10)

Children’s play equipment has come a long way in 30 years, I’m sure this is fun, but where is the danger? 60 more words

1000 Words Sept To Dec 2002

Stokers; South Melbourne

And this little piggy went to…Stokers.

I do admit I was a little devo when I heard Stokers in Ivanhoe closed. Not that I went there often, but it was just always there if we ever got a craving for late night crepes. 403 more words


The Kettle Black (Albert Road, South Melbourne)

Looks like the guys behind Top Paddock have struck gold yet again

The Kettle Black, located in South Melbourne, was opened some time in the middle of the year by the team of owners behind acclaimed cafe Top Paddock. 363 more words


Night Market Season & Food Trucks

The weather is warming, the crickets are chirping, the women are shaving and that means only one thing. Hurray, its night market season! Spend a summer evening at one of the many nights markets running in Melbourne this season. 770 more words


Horses and Trees

4th November 2014 – Horses (Sony Xperia Z2)

How come you have to wear special clothes to watch animals run around in circles and wouldn’t they be faster if they didn’t have those little people on their backs? 21 more words

1000 Words Sept To Dec 2002

The missing sunset

3rd November 2014 - Sunset set over North Melbourne (Fujifilm X10)

“Do deaf people ever wear mittens?”

“Only when the want to be quiet.”

3rd November 2002  - Missing  50 more words

1000 Words Sept To Dec 2002