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#1432 - 2014 Eastern Indonesia Trip (Prologue)


So, in this one month trip to Indonesia, I also went to several destinations within Indonesia for a trip. Yes, in past tense since now I am already back in Yogyakarta; as this trip ended on Tuesday morning earlier this week as I landed at Adisucipto International Airport. 1,597 more words


South Sulawesi Trip Part. I - Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park

Hello! This is my first post! Well, I want to talk about my recent holiday to South Sulawesi with my friends.

First day, we arrived at Sultan Hassanudin Airport, Makassar at 10 am. 1,076 more words


#1429 - Hello from Sulawesi!

Those who follow my Instagram account may have known that the Eastern Indonesian Trip part of my one month Indonesia Trip has started :) . And as the title says, currently I am in the island of Sulawesi!! 144 more words


Sinjai Coffee

Sinjai is also part of Sulawesi. This week, we tasted coffee from Sinjai, it is relaxing fruity coffee with less acid and is perfect to enjoy a cup in the afternoon  :) 17 more words

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Bantaeng Coffee

Small city of Bantaeng lies in the southern part of South Sulawesi. It is rich in crops, clove, coffee and nutmeg. The taste and the quality of coffee is comparable with Toraja coffee. 65 more words

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Daerah ini menjadi trending topic bagi penyukajalanjalan di Makassar. Letaknya pun tak jauh dari kota Makassar, hanya sekitar 32km masuk dalam wilayah Kabupaten Maros. Menuju ketempat ini juga tak sulit, berkendaralah sampai hampir perbatasan Maros-Pangkep, belok kanan begitu ketemu pertigaan dimana Semen Bosowa Maros berlokasi, kemudian tak lama akan ketemu jembatan dimana disitulah titik point menuju Rammang-rammang Karst. 424 more words


Selayar and It's Potential

Once upon a time, in late February, we visited Selayar island, a 2 hours drive with Ferry from Bira, Sulawesi. Me and my (ex) boyfriend expected to have beautiful adventure in Selayar. 998 more words