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word: querulous


Definition: (adjective) Given to complaining; peevish. Synonyms: fretful, whiny Usage: The teacher’s patience was wearing thin, but the querulous student nevertheless continued to whine about how much homework she was assigning. Discuss.

Fantastic Flag Fun Fact - Catalonia and South Vietnam

Last Sunday Catalonia voted in an unofficial, non-binding, referendum to break away from Spain and form a new country. Whether or not this paves the way for an independence referendum is for the future to decide, but if Spain allows it and Catalonia votes “yes” we could have a new national flag on the scene. 515 more words


Iraq: A Hidden Agenda?

Since my days serving the military of the US I have studied war…the causes and results.  In my studies there have been wars started by lies, misinformation and hidden agendas. 448 more words

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