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Fantastic Flag Fun Fact - Catalonia and South Vietnam

Last Sunday Catalonia voted in an unofficial, non-binding, referendum to break away from Spain and form a new country. Whether or not this paves the way for an independence referendum is for the future to decide, but if Spain allows it and Catalonia votes “yes” we could have a new national flag on the scene. 515 more words


Iraq: A Hidden Agenda?

Since my days serving the military of the US I have studied war…the causes and results.  In my studies there have been wars started by lies, misinformation and hidden agendas. 448 more words

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Eye of the Tiger...spelunking and mountain biking in Vietnam #winning

Author’s note: I don’t mean to brag but over the years I have certainly developed the reputation for adventurer and thrill seeker, the kind of girl that laughs in the face of danger and relishes tackling the great outdoors. 1,752 more words


Vietnamese Restaurant in North Texas Displayed Giant Red Star in Logo, Promptly Changes After Public Criticism

A Vietnamese restaurant in Dallas, Texas, has promptly changed its logo design in accordance with the wishes of the Vietnamese community in the area. The Banh Shop, a trendy new eatery on SMU Boulevard, found itself in hot water last week as a result of its questionable restaurant design, which featured a giant red star as part of its logo, behind the name “Banh Shop.” YUM! 563 more words

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9 Last Official Shots of Wars

It is the most shameful aspect of our species that we have a bent to murder. Step back from the history book and ask yourself, “Why are all these wars in here? 2,827 more words

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