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Last Days in Vietnam

When creating a documentary a filmmaker has basically two options. One option is to be present, camera running, when events are actually unfolding. These events can then be supplemented with interviews. 555 more words


Hunting One of the World’s Smallest Deer in a War Zone

If you read the history books, they will tell you that North Vietnamese General Vo N. Giap scored a major tactical surprise with his Tet ’68 Offensive. 1,515 more words

Vietnam Legacy

A Dangerous Tossing Game, Played At Night

Second Platoon was circled up for the night in a defensive position high on top of a jungle clad mountain as near to Cambodia as we ever got, and I was sound asleep when the man on radio watch shook my shoulder. 1,253 more words

Vietnam Legacy

Vietnam: Easy Street for Travelers

As we’ve almost completed our south to north month long visit of Vietnam it’s time to reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. After… 688 more words


The Attack At the Bridge

by john harrison

Jim Schlax was the 1st Platoon Leader of Alpha Company from the time Alpha Company was formed at Fort Campbell until he was wounded in Vietnam during Tet ’68. 1,903 more words

Vietnam Legacy

10 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photos And Their Stories

The Pulitzer Prize for Photography was established in 1942, and has been awarded to some of the most poignant and recognizable photos in recent history. Since 1967 it has been split into two categories: the prize for feature photography, and the prize for breaking news photography. 1,200 more words


Boat People

In April 1975, as the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong closed in on Saigon, President Gerald Ford called together key officials of his administration and asked them to plan and implement an evacuation of Americans, South Vietnamese who had worked with Americans, and others from Saigon. 775 more words

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