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Bangkok, Thailand

As soon as I got off of my plane at Don Mueang Airport I anticipated a wide array of things, including when my taxi driver sniffed a line of white dust in front of me before taking me to my hotel, but all in all Bangkok is a unique experience. 577 more words


10 Unexpected Things That Dogs Can Smell

Let’s face it: as a species, we’ve ruined nature. We’ve melted the ice caps with our spray-on deodorant; turned the rainforests into barren sludge; and even taken the atom—the building block of the universe—and turned it into a weapon. 865 more words


Southeast Asia

Quickly: I joined Dave and Geeks on a Plane in Manila last minute. Justin Hall of GG Ventures best sums up my take away of Manila: 266 more words


Myanmar's mobile revolution, down to the last village, is about to happen

There is a village of thatched wooden and bamboo huts just outside a capital in northern Myanmar where even the richest family has nothing more than a dirt floor and rickety TV set capable of receiving two government channels. 819 more words

Southeast Asia

Searching for Truth

We live in a world where we have to be extremely careful with how we consume the truths we are presented. Blindly following one news channel, one pundit, or any one source of information can dangerously shape your perception of reality. 601 more words

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