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Charsiu Fried Rice Burrito At Fuji's Famous: FV

They say you can never have a bad pizza: that’s a big fat lie. Every meal has the chance to be good or bad. Have you ever taken a friend to a favorite restaurant, recommended your favorite meal, and due to a new chef, or an off night, the dish just failed to live up to your expectations? 156 more words

Southern California


by Denise R. Weuve

We place our palms together
not pilgrims in love
but explorers lost in a dark corner
of a sidewalk cantina.
The sea breeze is strong, 131 more words


Monster Fish Tacos At Normita's Surf Taco: HB

Have you ever eaten love? When I was in high school my aunt would make Toad in the Holes. It’s basically a piece of toast grilled with a soft set egg in the middle. 164 more words

Southern California


The water tingles in luxurious waves,
the brush of fur against glass
and the odd contented purring.
Your cat speaks to you with her
liquid eyes, and as you brush your… 209 more words

Robin Dawn Hudechek

Travel with Me: Southern California

Here’s a fun fact about me: I was born and raised in Southern California, about 30 miles north of Los Angeles. When people think of So Cal, they usually think of Disneyland, Hollywood, and In-N-Out burger. 420 more words

Midnight Walks

Rain falling softly,
causing a halo effect -
the world in bokeh. 26 more words


EL Nino Hits Southern California’s HOA’s

Floods, mudslides, and leaking roofs will ruin your Southern California winter with El Nino in full force. Drought-ridden California is dreaming of a rainy winter and an El Nino may be our answer. 379 more words