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CDFW Completes 2013 Calendar Year and 2013-2014 Full Season Lobster Report Card Analyses

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has completed analyzing the most recent lobster report card data submitted by recreational lobster fishermen. In 2013, CDFW changed the timing of the lobster report cards to match the fishing season. 475 more words



By Carissa Mercado

As a nursing student, you are required to give bed baths. It is a form of initiation, a method of forcing you past the squeamishness of touching people, past insecurities of what is appropriate, and into the negotiation of boundaries between you and your patient. 555 more words


Diving into Integration: Sammy Lee, Historical Memory, and the Complexity of Housing Segregation in Cold War California

Even with the clearest of minds, personal and historical memory ebb and flow. Recollections of our own past and that of the society around us often become shaped by current circumstance and selective recall. 2,331 more words


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If you have purchased an older house in California, you often get a nasty surprise and learn that the title to your house includes a racial covenant barring minorities from buying the home. We sometimes forget that racial covenants and housing segregation were a fairly recent phenomenon. Ryan Reft at the Tropics of Meta has posted an article about housing segregation in southern California. Reft's piece focuses on two time Olympic diving champion Sammy Lee. Despite Lee's international status he still faced difficulties in buying a home in southern California because he was Korean American. Reft describes how the Cold War helped force neighborhoods in southern California to integrate in order to avoid becoming propaganda material for the Soviets. He also explains that while white residents were ultimately willing to permit Asian Americans into their neighborhoods, they still fought tooth and nail to keep African Americans out.

Summer Vacations and French Summer School

My month (+) long hiatus from blogging was unintended.

I had big ambitions for July of filling up my queue with posts, photos, throw backs to some journal entries of different adventures in France. 712 more words


GMC 60’s Custom Truck In SoCal - Automotive Archaeology

Here is a series of truck pictures that I spotted in Los Angeles, CA one day as I was heading to work.

I love the bright and bold design and colors. 40 more words


Ovation Bears Soaks in Sunny Southern California

I arrived in Sunny San Diego ready for adventure and was warmly greeted by the ladies at Arrangements Unlimited, a DMC Network Company.  They are the… 404 more words

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Poetrypalooza August 10th, 2014

Some of my favorite people and I are joining in Southern California’s 4th Annual Poetrypalooza! On Sunday, August 10th, from 2:30-5:30 at DiPiazza’s on 5205 E. 21 more words

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