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Fight to “save the fart”, it’s worth it!

 I am sure by now that most of you have heard our “Executive Order President” has decided it is time to reduce Methane Gas that flows abundantly ( in the form of a “fart”) from cows. 344 more words

Manly Mucus

I was brought up to believe that spitting, even if I called it “expectorating,” was vile. I was led to believe that spitters were corrupt, nasty, icky, disgusting, and had communistic tendencies. 316 more words

Random Thoughts

Down from the Attic

When you last visited I had written about my old work clothes.

Let me get a little personal here, which I never intend to do except in a metaphorical sense. 311 more words


Spreading, live oak
Welcomed with
Wide-open arms
Yes sirs, thank
You ma’ams
Wrap-around porches
With arched columns
Gingerbread trim
Invited guests in
Privet hedges
Neatly trimmed… 16 more words

Oh Well, You know What They Say?

Today has been a terrible day. I lost a very dependable friend. Due to an unfortunate “senior moment”, my cell phone was left in my pants pocket and decided to join my pants in a deserved and much-needed bath in the washing machine. 217 more words


Hey Diedra, You Want to Know What “Crap” Is.

I read a blog yesterday written by Deidra Alexander called “I’m in the crap business”.
It is a wonderful write and very humorous. As an “old Fuddydud”, I also was once young and faced with a lot of crap. 636 more words


Are We Loosing Our Mind or just Plain Stupid?

So, just what are we becoming? A drug glazed, idiotic, environmental, society or are we going to change course and use some common sense for a change? 614 more words