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Easter Nostalgia

Feeling a bit nostalgic
Mentally turning back the clocks
1987 and I’m dressed
In pastel and lace
Patent leather shoes
White Bobby socks
Hair full of curls… 239 more words


Alliteration, cuss words, and leaving your hometown

My mama is about as Southern as one could be without turning into a Hollywood-esq caricature. She is a better woman than I in many ways. 182 more words

Fight to “save the fart”, it’s worth it!

 I am sure by now that most of you have heard our “Executive Order President” has decided it is time to reduce Methane Gas that flows abundantly ( in the form of a “fart”) from cows. 344 more words

Manly Mucus

I was brought up to believe that spitting, even if I called it “expectorating,” was vile. I was led to believe that spitters were corrupt, nasty, icky, disgusting, and had communistic tendencies. 316 more words

Random Thoughts

Down from the Attic

When you last visited I had written about my old work clothes.

Let me get a little personal here, which I never intend to do except in a metaphorical sense. 311 more words


Spreading, live oak
Welcomed with
Wide-open arms
Yes sirs, thank
You ma’ams
Wrap-around porches
With arched columns
Gingerbread trim
Invited guests in
Privet hedges
Neatly trimmed… 16 more words

Oh Well, You know What They Say?

Today has been a terrible day. I lost a very dependable friend. Due to an unfortunate “senior moment”, my cell phone was left in my pants pocket and decided to join my pants in a deserved and much-needed bath in the washing machine. 217 more words