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So kids, this is a story I wrote ages ago.  It had a home at a publishing house once upon a time, but that place folded.   5,792 more words


A day for art!

Ignore the fact that you have four chapters to read and two papers to write before Sunday night. Let yourself embrace the Art! That’s what my soul was whispering this morning, so I kinda split the difference and worked on a few pieces in between studying. 160 more words

The Blog Runner

I feel like the only appropriate way to open up this shindig is with, “howdy y’all.”

My name’s Hannah, or Hannah Kaye if my mom’s got my number for something. 400 more words

Southern Gothic

Finding Flannery O'Connor

Like many who enter the Catholic Church in America, I went through a phase in my journey which was all EWTN all the time.  Whatever flaws there may be in the administration of EWTN at the present moment, they still are an excellent and inspiring resource for those seeking the Truth of the Orthodox Faith.   1,111 more words


Review: A Masquerade of Saints by Nicole Loughan

Disease, insanity, and death were the angels that attended my cradle, and since then have followed me throughout my life. – Edvard Munch

Psychopaths know the technical difference between right and wrong – which is one of the reasons their insanity pleas in criminal cases so rarely succeed; they just fail to act on that knowledge. 796 more words

New Orleans

I wrote a creepy poem. Enjoy.


Out beyond suburban lights

towards the sunburnt hinterland

I wave a greeting to your speckled shadow

lying by the river bay.

From above, you’re just a dot, 342 more words