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Circuit of the Americas: Austin, Houston and San Antonio

Formula 1 brought Ginger Spice to Allen’s Boots in Austin (photo not shown, well because, balls to ask for photo were not packed in carry-on, weight restrictions and everything else). 834 more words


Rib eye

Piggly Wiggly…yes, say it again….Piggly Wiggly.  Supermarket, grocery store, provisioning store.  Call it what you want to, but there just isn’t a Piggly Wiggly where we come from. 819 more words


Soul Food and Civil Rights...the struggle...

Déjà Vu New Orleans Soul Food & Vegetarian Restaurant (www.dejavurestaurant.org) in Memphis, Tennessee was exactly what was needed after experiencing another type of déjà vu post the city’s Civil Rights Museum. 221 more words

On Friends, Football and Fans

Friday morning dawned early. Okay, the dawn happened on schedule, but it was I who awoke early with anticipation in my heart. We’d been up late packing, and heading to the liquor store for some Texas libations for gifts and consumption, and our flight wouldn’t leave until after noon. 1,317 more words


Orange Beach and The Blue Angels

I don’t know why I want to refer to this area as Orange Grove….but if I do, bare with me…..it’s an age thing I guess. 1,422 more words


How To Punch Monday In the Face...In Style!

Ever wake up and think to yourself: “YES! It’s MONDAY!” Yeah….ME EITHER. Monday means a brand new work week, back to waking up early, fixing a heckuva-lotta problems at work, conference calls, reports, and if you’re like me, the list goes on and you understand. 282 more words

In the American South

Beside dancing and getting familiar with integrated dance in the US, i have an opportunity to know more about Atlanta and Georgia. Here you can read a blog that Laurel posted about short trip we did to North Georgia: 166 more words

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