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Surviving Amtrak

Tired of airport drama, yet not wanting to drive, I decided to take Amtrak to New York.
North Carolina was feeling like a prison sentence. I desperately needed good conversation… preferably while drinking a good cup of coffee. 367 more words


Greenville, SC

The trip began on a good note-in an hour long security line at Midway Airport. As almost everyone knows, you cannot go through security with beverages-I’d say food and drinks but I’ve once gone through security with 5 bananas and didn’t get tased (which I assume happens when you get in trouble with TSA). 582 more words


Day-trip: Mentone, Alabama


                                 Mountain Laurel Inn

Mentone was on my list of Day Trips so I was glad to have the opportunity to visit there this past weekend. This little town is about a two drive from Birmingham (I didn’t drive so I got to read most of the way – Yea!). 296 more words


Newly Married, Newly Moved!

When your family’s lived somewhere for generations, it anchors you. You develop such a strong sense of home, of belonging, that you almost don’t feel like someone can truly understand you until they’ve been there – not until they’ve witnessed the cheerful red geraniums on your mother’s front porch, tasted strawberry shortcake from your grandfather’s favorite restaurant, or explored the woods you and your cousins played in as children. 395 more words


The Tennessee State Society Presents: When the Sun Sets, the Moonshines

Join us for an evening of live music, unlimited whisky cocktails (until 10pm), complimentary Southern hors d’oeuvres, raffle prizes & more!

Tickets are avaialble here:  17 more words


Southern Hospitality

Today’s accomplishments:

  • Beating a simple video game
  • Running farther than the previous time
  • Cooking dinner for under $10
  • Starting to mess around with Xcode

There are so many feelings that come with finishing a video game. 307 more words


The Charming Town of Helena

A good introduction to Helena comes through the small Farmers Market that is held there every Saturday. What other such market has southern belles (the Helena Belles) to greet you? 334 more words