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Translation Tuesday: Just Piddlin'

“Just Piddlin” is not one that I use that often, but some of my native southern friends do.

It means just messing around, just killing some time, just tinkering…. 27 more words

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Translation Tuesday: Texting Southern Style

Saw this on Pinterest and had to pin it for a Translation Tuesday. A listing of texting acronyms for southerners!

I should point out that I have only used BYH: Bless Your Heart. 19 more words

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Translation Tuesday: What in Sam Hill

I don’t use this phrase, and have only heard it once by the parent of a friend.

What in Sam Hill is southern slang for “what the hell.” For an example, “Jane Ann! 44 more words

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Bless Your Heart: The Infographic

Okay, I say “bless your heart” all the time and it was one of the early Translation Tuesday’s that I did HERE. So you know what it means. 28 more words

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Translation Tuesday: Lollygag

Oh, now this one I use, a lot.

Lollygag is a fun way to say you are stalling or dawdling. “Stop lollygagging and get in the car” Love it and use it all the time!

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