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Translation Tuesday: Might Could

I learned a lot from some of my native southern friends while I was in college. Including some wonderful phrases, such as this gem…”might could” 75 more words

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The World We Live In

This post has been a long time coming. It has been growing in my head and in my heart for some time, and now it comes pouring out onto this page. 567 more words


Translation Tuesday: Oh My Stars

This one is an easy one. “Oh my stars” is just a sweet way of expressing a feeling of surprise or astonishment.

Personally, I have used it when I have had old students or colleague surprise me by showing up in my office after I’ve not seen them in ages. 28 more words

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Translation Tuesday: When Life Gives You Scraps...

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.

I actually haven’t heard this one used, but it does not surprise me. It is a nice and fun saying that doesn’t involve a reference to alcohol. 32 more words

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Translation Tuesday: She just flew off the handle

This one I have heard many people use. Generally when explaining why their mother/sister/wife/friend/female co-worker lost her temper.

This usually is describing a woman who has lost her temper. 54 more words

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The South: People Should Need a Passport to Come Down Here

I will never forget when I saw the movie Sweet Home Alabama for the first time. I was in college and Gail and I did a girls night on a Friday evening to see the movie. 175 more words

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Translation Tuesday: What Pray Tell...

Love Southerners… always finding a nice way of saying things… even cussing.

Instead of saying “What the hell are you talking about” (like I would, because there is always an inappropriate word coming out of my mouth) they say “what, pray tell.” Not only do they manage to change the phrase, they add in religion! Love it!

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