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Translation Tuesday: What in Sam Hill

I don’t use this phrase, and have only heard it once by the parent of a friend.

What in Sam Hill is southern slang for “what the hell.” For an example, “Jane Ann! 44 more words

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Bless Your Heart: The Infographic

Okay, I say “bless your heart” all the time and it was one of the early Translation Tuesday’s that I did HERE. So you know what it means. 28 more words

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Translation Tuesday: Lollygag

Oh, now this one I use, a lot.

Lollygag is a fun way to say you are stalling or dawdling. “Stop lollygagging and get in the car” Love it and use it all the time!

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Nutter Butter Banana Pudding

OMG. Nutter Butter Banana Pudding. Maybe the easiest and yummiest dessert I have made in ages! I got this from my co-worker Dottie, who combined her banana pudding recipe with the idea of Nutter Butters from a former intern we had. 299 more words

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Throwback Thursday: European Car Show 2011

Gail’s hubby Puff is big into cars. He loves his little BMW Z3. So every year they go to the European Car Show near their house and a few years ago (October 2011 to be exact) it happened to be on a weekend when I was visiting. 74 more words

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Translation Tuesday: Much Obliged

Honestly, I have only ever heard a few people use this one…

And the only people I have ever heard use it have STRONG southern accents. 39 more words


Translation Tuesday: As I Live and Breathe

This one is easy… a way of expressing shock or surprise.

Such as “Oh my goodness” or “Well, I’ll Be Darned (or damned).” As I live and breathe can be expressed as a form of frustration : “As I live and breath Anna Beth Louise, you and your antics will be the death of me.” Or, happy circumstance: “As I live and breathe, Conner Smith! 20 more words