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Translation Tuesday: Madder Than A Wet Hen

“Oh, child. Before that committee meeting was even over she was madder than a wet hen!”

Basically it means that you (or someone) is so angry that you are acting crazy and making a scene. 33 more words

Southern Life

Translation Tuesday: Too Big For Your Britches

Oh, this one is a fun one that I use fairly often.

Don’t go getting too big for your britches now… which basically means don’t go letting your ego get to big or don’t go letting all that go to your head. 19 more words

Southern Life

Translation Tuesday: Just Piddlin'

“Just Piddlin” is not one that I use that often, but some of my native southern friends do.

It means just messing around, just killing some time, just tinkering…. 27 more words

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