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Arm & Arm


Landing in a familiar bar after a long absence and particularly, a  long absence after working your guts out for a two months with no  libidinal or libatious respite, is like a cool plunge into pool on  a hot day. 1,196 more words

Short Stories


It was an alley way bar with a front window at eleven A.M., four days before Pentecost and Angel Adair had just finished his second pint. 720 more words

Short Story

We All Called Him Pappy

 He was a surly, whisker-bristled un-Roy Rogers-like, half-Black foot Indian, cowboy, who daily poured himself out of last night’s bottle fortified wine and into a squinched up grease stained Stetson that  mostly never came off the top of his head. 1,840 more words

Short Stories

The Eyes of Sarah Stroup III - with photoshop edits

I have edited the The Eyes of Sarah Stroup III image to remove stray hairs and to correct a slight curl/lift in her upper lip. I also created a B&W because her eyes are just so strong and they carry through in B&W as well. 28 more words

Northern California



Tommy Camp was the manager of the Rocking R and wasn’t a cowboy. He’d been in Real Estate for twenty years and when Elmore Stott, asked him to manage the ranch as a bean counter, after Elmore had bought up the last family farm he could get and consolidated 20,000 acres of  irrigated farms from more than a dozen reservoirs, forest woodland and a loose road system that connected and salamandered around the South Fork in between the Forest Service land to the east and Bureau of Land Management land to the west. 1,684 more words

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C Street Phoenix, Oregon

A few blocks from my house, painted this summer.

I’ve painted this building and square block from almost all sides now…  Endlessly interesting. 7 more words

Sarah F Burns

The Other Night at the Log Cabin Tavern


There was this big guy, blond bushy hair, drunk, getting drunker, we’re all sitting there drunk getting drunker, but he’s pissed, apparently at his woman, waving his arms, she’s turning her head and, that quiet coquettish smile that a woman can affect, she’s been turning it on at every man that walks by. 1,866 more words

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