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Big Bang – Sovereign Debt Crisis

Source: Armstrong Economics

The Sovereign Debt Crisis is unfolding on schedule. I have warned at the Philadelphia Conference that half of Germany’s municipalities are on the edge of bankruptcy as was the case with Detroit. 131 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Russian and Argentine Presidents Focus on Strong Strategic Relationship, Common View of Foreign Affairs

During their private meeting and press conference Saturday in Buenos Aires, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Argentine President Cristina Fernández emphasized the strategic nature of their relationship and their shared view of international affairs and the problems afflicting the global economy. 576 more words

British Financial Empire

IMF Advocates Taking Pensions & Extending Maturities Of Gov’t Debt

Christine Lagarde – The Most Dangerous Woman In The World

” I have gone on record that the most dangerous organization is the now French led IMF with Christine Lagarde at the helm, which has presented a concept report that debt cuts for over-indebted states are uncompromising and are to be performed more effectively in the future by defaulting on retirement accounts held in life insurance, mutual funds and other types of pension schemes, or arbitrarily extending debt perpetually so you cannot redeem.

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