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When the gospel is mixed with humanistic principles it then becomes “another gospel”. When human beings are elevated to a status of “little gods” or elevate humanity to a position of greatness, or even in serving humans in priority over service to God, man has created an idolatrous religion. 1,201 more words


Sovereign grace crushes our pride. It shames us and humbles us. We want to be the subjects, not the objects, of salvation. We want to be active, not passive, in the process.

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The Gospel of Sovereign Grace

By Joel Beeke:

One New Testament book that especially emphasizes God’s astounding sovereign grace is Paul’s letter to the Romans. According to Paul, this grace makes both Jew and Gentile co-heirs of God’s kingdom with faithful Abraham ( 686 more words


Notes on Christmas

  1. The Word of God is the only true and sufficient guide for the child of God
    1. Read 2 Tim 3:16-17
  2. The fact that the Lord has told me not to do it is sufficient enough for any child of God to not have any part in the practice…
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Kneel With Me….

(VofV pg.138)


I have sinned times without number,
and been guilty of pride and unbelief,
of failure to find thy mind in thy Word, 985 more words

Valley Of Vision

Monday Morning Munch No. 97 - Mercy, mercy, mercy

When you live in the south, you hear the word mercy a lot.

“Oh mercy, I burned the biscuits.”

“Mercy me, I spilled the coffee.” 611 more words

Monday Morning Munch

Out of the Depths I Cry to You

When I am tempted to despair, I remember you, my God

You have been so faithful, so true to everything you have spoken

I doubt and fail and waiver… 171 more words