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Good Songwriting Gets Dangerous

(This post is mostly a review of the song “Who Would Have Dreamed” from the new Sovereign Grace Music album. Click the image above to find more information about this great album.) 693 more words

Jesus Christ, Able to Save to the Uttermost!

If the Spirit of God ever convinces a person of his great sinfulness it would be understandable such a one were to despair whether Jesus Christ is Savior enough for such a wretch as he feels himself to be.

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“Man has been permitted to wander to the utmost lengths to which it is possible for a creature to go, in order to show what resources of grace there are in God to meet the utmost extremity of sin .

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Evening Meditation


George Whitefield:

I beseech you, believe the gospel. Indeed, it is glad tidings, even tidings of great joy. You will then no longer have anything to say against the doctrine of Original Sin; or charge the Almighty foolishly, for suffering our first parents to be prevailed on to eat such sour grapes, and permitting thereby their children’s teeth to be set on edge.

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