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The Free Will of Gode

It is said that we can affirm nothing certain of any soul eternally free. But it is overlooked that God is as eternally free as any soul – and more so – and that, in the exercise of His eternal, sovereign free-will, He… 27 more words


Free Lingít Aaní!

Today is Free Nations Day.

Free Nations Day is an opportunity to reclaim the idea that nations are voluntary groupings of free individuals, not externally imposed political borders or states.

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Looking Beyond The Seen

When I was young, I remember seeing a movie  that really fascinated me. It was called “The Invisible Man.” I thought how cool it would be if no one could see me! 264 more words


Methodologies of Control

The quest for absolute and collective domination births monsters and wars while the path and attainment of personal sovereignty creates ceasefire and gods from men.

How Sovereign is God?

Ah!! the sovereignty of God. Now there is a subject to consider. So have you considered it? It is a funny thing to me that most Christians will talk about God’s sovereignty yet will deny the same when it come to things like sin, evil, chaos, and yes even salvation. 2,155 more words

Hidden Treasures

The EU: A League of its Own?-- Chiara Gabellieri

The European Union is truly an anomaly in the world of international relations and global governance. Many other international organizations are separate entities from domestic governing institutions, typically with marginal leverage when it comes to the internal affairs of member states. 481 more words

Interdependence And Institutions