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Your motherblog might need a (mostly invisible) spouse

Course blogs are everywhere these days. While Tumblr and instagram might be the “it” social media of the moment, a course blog’s suitability for exchanging ideas, presenting research, and engaging in an open, distributed conversation is hard to beat. 666 more words


Uni life: 6 weeks down, 7 to go

I blinked, and just like that, and we’re on semester break already.

Semester summary

So far we’ve ticked off a number of key ideologies underpinning 20th century Europe – the big ‘isms’: … 872 more words


A short review of ‘Soviets’ by Danzig Baldaev and Sergei Vasiliev

Danzig Baldaev’s drawings—dark-lined, stippled, blunt, often disturbing—have become most familiar through his renderings of Russian criminal tattoos and later horrific scenes of life and death in the Gulags. 367 more words

Soviet History

From Russia with Lies

Georgiy Mirskiy, historian, Honored Scientist of Russia: “The history of mankind has not seen a more deceitful system than the Russian.” 

I was thirteen years old when Stalin had started the war with Finland. 909 more words


"The question of Ukraine," Leon Trotsky (May 1939) »

via Socialism Art Nature.

AKA: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

Leon Trotsky wrote this article, titled “Problem of the Ukraine,” in May 1939, as the threat of invasion by Nazi Germany mounted in Eastern Europe.

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The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: End of Detente and Return to Superpower Confrontation

In the late 1970’s America found itself in a state of transition. The epoch of détente was ending in disarray, and the hardline neo-conservative Reagan administration in America began to gain immense popularity at the expense of the increasingly condemned Carter democrats. 2,841 more words

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Putin: Afghanistan Redux, by Dick Krickus

In the main, I use this blog for my own ruminations, but from time to time I am delighted to be able to use it as a platform for interesting and authoritative guest posts, such as this one from Dick Krickus, Professor Emeritus at the University of Mary Washington. 637 more words