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World War II vet, 93, visits Russia to thank soldiers who saved him

World War II vet, 93, visits Russia to thank soldiers who saved him

The Week ^Posted on 9/29/2014, 5:49:58 AM by wetphoenixLeroy Williamson, 93, has seen relations between the… 579 more words

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Ukrainian Protesters Topple Massive Lenin Statue

Ukrainian protesters in Kharkiv, a city in the nation’s restive east, toppled a prominent statue of Soviet icon Vladimir Lenin late Sunday night in the central square. 148 more words

Come and See

Come and See is a 1985 movie made in the Soviet Union by the director Elem Klimov. The movie is about the Nazi German occupation of the Byelorussian SSR.  414 more words


The Police

Gone it seems are the days when a police officer actually tried to understand a situation, clarified causes at the scene, cared or could tell the difference between a legitimate criminal committing a crime and someone who was merely experiencing a moment of bad luck, reversal of fortune, or just a torqued instant. 351 more words

Dark Republic

this day in the yesteryear: The Taliban Captures Kabul (1996)

The Taliban Captures Kabul (1996)

During the chaotic period that followed the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, a militia of Islamic fundamentalist students known as the Taliban became increasingly powerful. 49 more words

Vintage Memorabilia Celebrates The Soviet Union's Cosmonaut Dogs

The canine members of Soviet Union’;s space program were stars, symbols of the nation’;s technological future. And so, throughout the 1950s and 1960s, these pups appeared on matchbook covers, commemorative boxes, ceramics, and more. 14 more words

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