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Remembering Stalin in Russia and the South Caucasus

In the spring of 2013, major news outlets in Russia, the Caucasus, and the U.S. were abuzz with the news about “Stalin’s long shadow” (NYT), alarmed that… 1,035 more words



Čekání. Na co? Omámený. Nevnímám. Je mi dobře a hezky. Dívka. Svět je jenom můj. Já jsem jeho středem. Má mysl. Celý prostor je v ní obsažený.

Uzhgorod, Ukraine In Happier Times

It was only a short hop to the closest city to Europe, so I did it.

A reservation was made at the Old Continent Hotel in Uzhgorod, and there I was. 515 more words


Nature versus war: World War II weapons have been swallowed up by tree trunks in Russia

By Snejana Farberov
Long after the dust from the last battle has settled, the dead have been laid to rest and the confetti from the victory parade has been swept into the gutter, the nature continues to bear the scars of human conflicts. 10 more words

Enter the Kettlebell Strength Secret of Soviet Supermen Adults

Kettlebell exercises have only recently become very popular in the United States, though in Russia they have been a staple workout in military institutes for many years, for weight loss and to gain strength, stamina and muscle mass. 282 more words




Read this little description here, and tell me what I am describing:

Over a period of years, some people thought up of an idea for how to run society in a better, more just, and egalitarian way.

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