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Che Guevara - Pt 10 (End)

He went to Soviet Union and met Nikita Khrushchev. He also got advice from Soviet Union and he implemented material incentives to labors to increase Sugar production in Cuba. 601 more words


How 'bout them mechs

Have you ever wondered how soviet mechs could have looked like in the 1920’s? Those huge hulking beasts of war, made of iron and carrying more firepower than a full infantry company? 450 more words


Item of Interest - Leningrad Wall Plaque

Found – Newport

This is an appeal for information. If you can provide any information about this item, please respond. I can’t find another one like it on the internet.


Victory is ours!

I don’t usually share this kind of stuff here, but what can I say, I felt blown away (not literally as one of our heroes, portrayed in this mini-movie): 33 more words