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True freedom therefore is a courageous act, a brave decision to face the unchangeable fact of your past and present. It requires  fearlessness to confront the hurting parts of you, your most delicate wounds, scars which run as deep as the roots of a Baobab tree. 4,262 more words

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Xenophobia or Urban Violence?

So, sunny South Africa, Gauteng Province to be exact experienced a bit of darkness over the last couple of weeks, and no I don’t just mean through load-shedding, but in terms of our relations with each other as people who stay in this crazy but amazing part of the world. 1,036 more words

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On my husband, Gary’s birthday, we went with friends from Books For Africa to the clinic of Project Hope, a charity he supportedin Africa for 4 months last year. 247 more words

Throughout this week the South African news channels have been permeated with the current violent looting happening in Soweto. Not only has this affected the tourist attraction to this culturally rich city (which in turn depreciates the South African economy) but it has also greatly and negatively impacted the lives of many innocent civilians. 384 more words


A Bird's Kidney: Izaga / Proverbs Pt 2

When one talks about ubuntu, it’s easy to swallow the final few drops of euphoria left over from the Rainbow Days and drift off into a reverie where everybody loves each other and we are all free and honest and tolerant and forgiving. 902 more words

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Maybe 20 years are not enough...

I understand South Africa has a history with exceptionalism. I understand South Africa has a problem with violent crime. I understand people are hungry and frustrated. 293 more words

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