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Setebe Lounge & Grill

Setebe Lounge & Grill is a pub in Diepkloof Square in Soweto at corner Immink Drive & Jack Klipin Rd (don’t ask me the inspiration behind these street names). 75 more words


Back From The Dead: The Rising Of African Spirit

The anthology is a celebration of life, its different seasons and the struggle to overcome. The book consists of 50 poems; some poems are images of personal struggle, others visualise the celebration of love, and a few are odes to great leaders and historical reflections. 243 more words


Taking some style tips from the streets of Johannesburg

Johannesburg is not a place that’s synonymous with fashion; but in the last few years, Johannesburg Street fashion is making not just all of South Africa, but the whole world to take notice. 228 more words


Modern-day Soweto

Soweto is forever linked to South Africa’s apartheid struggle and was home to Nelson Mandela, Desmund Tutu and many other South African luminaries. While staying in Johannesburg my research group had the opportunity to travel to the Gauteng area to see the township-turned sprawling suburb of Soweto. 650 more words

South Africa

South Africa following the ways of the U.S. Reeling From Unexpected Bailout, One Bank Has A Modest Proposal : Give Us Your Gold

In a historic first, three days ago, South Africa’s Rand Merchant Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, announced it would issue the FirstRand Gold Bond, or a bond denominated in South African Krugerrand gold coins. 837 more words

Social Link - Pub in Soweto

Since the current century began South Africa has seen her landscape change a lot and this includes the emerging of pubs in the Township. This page is dedicated to all the good & the bad spots in the hood! 173 more words