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Vegan Buttermilk Substitute

Irish food contains buttermilk, a typical peasant ingredient used in baking recipes like brown bread and scones. It’s basically curdled milk.

Like so very many ingredients, it can veganised. 73 more words


Can I have my coffee with soy milk?

A reader asked me:

 “Hi! do you think that I can have my coffee with soy milk?”

And I replied:

“To be honest I have no clue, Doctor Delabos doesn’t mention this milk at all. 

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Strawberry Halo

1 “pillow” of shredded wheat
1/4c vanilla soy milk
1/2c freshly sliced strawberries

Enjoy :)

Sakura Soy Milk!! 桜味の豆乳

As with anything in Japan, if it’s the season for it, then there will be a surplus of limited edition products on sale and sakura, or cherry blossom season is no exception!  67 more words

We got a soymilk maker!

We’ve been thinking about getting one for quite a while then one day recently I finally did the math and figured (conservatively) that with the cost savings of making soy milk ourselves vs. 82 more words

Soy Milk

Plant-based alternatives to Milk

In the last decade or so, there has been an exponential growth of alternatives to milk, mainly because people are looking/demanding for dairy substitutes.

Whether you are lactose intolerant (see… 122 more words


10 Grain Hot Cereal Breakfast with all the Fixings

Here’s a wholesome and healthy breakfast. Lots more fibre and less calories than the usual instant oatmeal. Extremely tasty! This makes 2-3 servings.