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Monsanto agrochemicals cause genetic damage in soybean workers – study

Soybean workers exposed to the agrochemicals like glyphosate, the main component in Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ herbicide and other biocides, suffer from elevated DNA and cell damage, according to a new study. 784 more words


Late Soybean Harvesting

Here are some soybeans down below Metcalf that were not able to be harvested since a creek washed out the road leading to these back fields. 113 more words


Study shows Brazil’s Soy Moratorium still needed to preserve Amazon

Today, fewer chicken nuggets can trace their roots to cleared Amazon rain forest.

In 2006, following a report from Greenpeace and under pressure from consumers, large companies like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart decided to stop using soy grown on cleared forestland in the Brazilian Amazon. 1,042 more words


Ag 101 – Soybeans – Are They Really the Miracle Crop?

It’s called the “Cool Bean” and the “Super Soybean”, as well as the being referred to as the “Miracle Crop”.   What is so… 490 more words


How to Thrive in Today's Ag Economy: Plant Non-GMO Seed

The demand for non-GMO grains is growing.

Those who have been in the seed industry have noticed this trend take off. David Rehn, who now serves as a Conventional Seed Specialist for… 175 more words

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