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The S&P 500 is becoming the S&P 502 ...

S&P 502. It just doesn’t found right. Yet, another unorthodox dividend is causing the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 index to balloon to include 502 stocks. 194 more words

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Greenspan's Warning

Not on the level of the irrational exuberance statement, but it is on the ball.  Markets are long overdue for a correction.  Greenspan correctly says that he does not know when it will occur.   17 more words


How Much do Earnings Need to Grow For Stocks to Get Cheaper?

A look at the earnings growth needed to get various P/E levels from SKrisiloff’s Tumblr.

Multiples have expanded dramatically in the past year and a half, so to get back to cheaper levels, earnings need to grow by quite a bit.

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Is the market about to tank?

Take a look of this chart and what do you see?

 Source: Bloomberg

The current stock market hasn’t had a 10% correction for more than 1,000 days now. 66 more words


Durable Goods Orders Rose Topping Estimates

Financial News for the Week Ending July 26th

Mixed earnings reports led to US Stocks being flat for the week. The S&P 500 was up 0.02% and the Dow sank 0.8% for the week. 189 more words

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Dow and S&P 500 remain bullish

Dow Jones Industrial Average found support at 16950, with long tails indicating short-term buying pressure. Recovery above 17075 would indicate a fresh advance; above 17150 would confirm. 87 more words

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