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Geomagnetic storm in progress; second CME expected shortly

A CME struck the Earth’s magnetosphere earlier today, triggering a G1 geomagnetic storm, which is mild but enough to create auroral displays in Arctic countries.  A second one emerging from the same sunspot group is still coming, and NOAA is predicting a 75% chance of a G2 class storm, which is considered moderate.   51 more words


chronicling space - "maybe tomorrow"

It’s been a month. More than, actually. It has been 35 days, or exactly five weeks since the break-up. I don’t know because of some obsession with counting the time since then or anything, I just know it’s been four days since the 31-day mark aka exactly a month after. 671 more words


Watching a Dragon in the sky

The incomparable Thierry Legault, spacecraft photographer extraordinary, has captured this astounding video of the Dragon spacecraft passing overhead, as seen near Paris, France.  (Just seeing anything in the sky near Paris is impressive, but to make out detail on the spacecraft is something else.)


OOC: SAGA and Quandry Industries Teaser

Readers of the Waterbank News will not be surprised that among my favorite people and builders are the well humored folk at Quandry Industries and Stellar Systems. 261 more words


Meteor-like Object Explodes Over Russia

Each day the Earth gets pelted with hundreds of tons of material from space. Most of this ranges from the size of a grain of sand to something the size of a fingernail, but every now and again there is something much larger that comes flying our way. 11 more words

In The News

Nasa astronauts to reveal evidence that 10 times more large scale asteroids have hit earth in last decade than previously thought

Group claims that 26 asteroid explosions have occurred since 2001

Asteroids ‘not rare’ but have fallen in remote locations, group says   Revelations will be made next week in Seattle by B216 Foundation… 192 more words


According to a prediction by E. Lyytinen and P. Jenniskens, comet 209P/LINEAR will possibly cause a big meteor shower on May 24, 2014.

You can see our image Above with the comet of a about magnitude ~17. (click on it for a bigger version).

209P/LINEAR is a periodic comet discovered by the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) survey on five images taken on 2004, February 3.40 (discovery magnitude ~18.1). 346 more words