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My Baby's Daddy is a Space Alien / I Need a Little Help Here. / chapter 2

She so beautiful! and I’m not just saying that because I’m her Mom. I’m trying to hide her from human eyes because if anyone saw her they’d take her away from me.  795 more words


Edge of Tomorrow

“Edge of Tomorrow” this summer’s Tom Cruise star vehicle came out on video yesterday. I bought it, watched it and loved it. I have been anticipating its video roll-out almost from the day after it left the theaters. 491 more words


Let's Go Now! Chapter 1, Page 1

I am very close to the end of the first chapter of my webcomic being uploaded on inkblazers.com, a webcomic hosting site. More more pages can be viewed on that website: … 11 more words



by PlanosLie

10 reasons why aliens are actually fallen angels/demons





1. Aliens of our time are an exact match to the behavior of the demons and fallen angels mentioned in the Bible. 334 more words

Journal: Denison IA VS The Invaders From Space

One of my most interesting highlights of my 2012 year was organizing a class reunion for Denison IA Job Corps that lead to finding over 200 former students without any alumni school service help. 2,265 more words

The New Grapes of Wrath

This is from today’s feed of The Daily Beast. It’s amazing how life is mirrored in literature and it’s even more amazing that these same attitudes have persisted since this country began. 557 more words


Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot series by Dav Pilkey

When my son turned 4, I really wanted to find some literature that would truly pique his interest, but also challenge his attention span and develop his vocabulary. 217 more words

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