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Let's Play - Endless Space

For my second attempt at a Let’s Play I am trying Endless Space. This is another 4x strategy game WOOT! The planet and empire management in the game are very satisfying and the combat is is different than anything I have seen before. 40 more words



Screened Guardians of the Galaxy with some of the employees, and I am irked by something about movies with space battles.

When I was in college, we read Ender’s Game for a SciFi class I took, and the book made a fantastic point about movement in space–that you can’t keep orienting yourself with a constant “up” and “down” because you’re free to move in any dimensions, and up and down have no meaning. 257 more words

Review: An Unproven Concept

I’m struggling a little with continuing to do reviews on this blog. A while back – and I delayed this discussion to give some space, but those who read regularly will know which one – I did a less-than-glowing review on a book. 715 more words

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