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Why Would Aliens Visit?

While discussing story ideas in a forum I frequent, someone mentioned the possibility of a free trade agreement between earth and extraterrestrials getting us out of our current economic problems.   1,274 more words


Time is Flying

No rain since the last Monday blog post. It’s been a very disappointing monsoon season to be sure. The lakes and reservoirs are at fifty percent capacity or less, making everyone in Arizona very nervous. 416 more words

Connie Cockrell

The Importance of Space Exploration

Why bother with going to space? We have enough problems right here on Earth, such as environmental issues threatening our way of life, war and high tension zones, poverty, famine, and low standards of living caused by an enormous imbalance of wealth. 929 more words


The Next Colonial Era

People, certainly those in the U.S., have been conditioned to look up into the night sky and see hope for the future. The lunar landing of 1969 served as an unofficial decree that space belonged to the United States. 722 more words

Species Survival

  “We may be entering the high-stakes endgame on climate change”, says Bill McKibben in the most recent New York Review of Books. He reviews, amongst others, the AAAS-report… 1,139 more words


How to fit a galaxy on a chessboard

According to myth, when the game of chess was invented it became so popular that the ruler of the land offered the inventor any reward that he wished. 251 more words


Musk: SpaceX could land humans on Mars in 10 to 12 years

Musk: SpaceX could land humans on Mars in 10 to 12 years

By Ian O’Neill

Published June 19, 2014

Discovery News

SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets will someday be able to land on hydraulic legs, dramatically cutting the cost of sending cargo — and even human beings — into space. 564 more words

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