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Two New Stories: He Shot First --and-- Waiting For

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I arrived at that cover art by fiddling around with a picture I took today in GIMP, trying different effects, until I hit upon something pleasingly trippy and retro. 288 more words

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The prospects of Mars

Mars in among the most popular locations in science fiction and since the colonization of the Red Planet is a feasible possibility – at least from a technological perspective – it perfectly well fits in the scope of… 1,010 more words


Planets are unethical

Planets are fundamentally unethical and should be destroyed.

Let me explain.

Our planet masses 59720000000000000000000 (59 sextillion, or simply 59 exa-) metric tons, but only the tiniest fraction of that mass is available to us. 310 more words


Update on new sci-fi thriller, "I, Mars"

I’ve reached the halfway point in “I, Mars” the second book in my Sci-Fi series “Mindcop Dossiers”. The story picks up a year after the previous book, “Doctor Mars”, and will be full of more detail and character development. 56 more words

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Progworld will never colonize the moon.

West Hunter wrote a pseudo-satirical article here. It’s about the rise of HBD into mainstream thought. He rightly points out that this was never something you could really hide, and, assuming that progworld made it to the point of space colonization, which I don’t think it will, they would inevitably be faced with the exposed fraud of increasing brilliant populations that would just keep selecting for increasing brilliance. 174 more words