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More pics from the Space Cowboys game

Dug up some more pictures of the Cabra.

Here, we see an early morning on a frozen moon, as seen from the back corner of the control deck. 720 more words

Not Dungeon Fantasy

Pics from the Space Cowboys game

We’re almost to the end of the Supers 1200 game reports, so soon, Throwback Thursdays will turn to the Space Cowboys game. This was a long-running (for us, anyway) game inspired by grungy science fiction like  597 more words

Not Dungeon Fantasy

Intergalactic Earths

*~ We were in a big conference hall. It was actually a space station, but it looked like a massive conference hall, or like a hotel lobby. 1,549 more words


Rumors and Quests and Enigmatic City-Folk

The reason for rumors is to allow purposeful exploration of the dungeon. Without goals to seek, the delvers might as well be wandering randomly. Some rumors, the characters get more-or-less for free, just for hanging around at the inn and listening to people talk. 994 more words