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Space Cowboys

Clint Eastwood
Tommy Lee Jones
Donald Sutherland
James Garner

Release year: (2000)

A Texas Cousins Adventure: Fan Fiction: Space Cowboys and Cowgirls

“Will you tell us a story?” Constance said snuggling close next to Aunt Abby.

Aunt Abby wrapped her arms around the little girl with long hair and stared into Grammie and Grandpa’s fireplace. 1,123 more words

Abby Jones

Throwback Thursday: Space Cowboys, Season 2 #7 – hmm... that's embarrassing...

Episode #7 was the last of one of Season 2 of the Space Cowboys game. By that time, I had been working on starting up the Dungeon Fantasy game for a couple of months, and everybody knew it was the last of the campaign. 177 more words

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Throwback Thursday: Space Cowboys, Season 2 #6 – “Going Down With The Ship”

Osolo scored the Cool Point for this episode, through creative use of a frying pan.

This was one hard-drinking crew. Terreno had a Quirk on his sheet, that he truly believed he did his best piloting with a couple of drinks in him. 1,739 more words

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It's All About The XP

I’m trying to suppress my instincts, and be a lot more free with the experience points than I have in the past.

Ever since I ran… 1,179 more words


San Francisco Parties Into The Next Weekend

Burning Man’s official Decompression is not until October 12, but for those who still have the beats of the Playa ringing in their ears and wish they were back there, there’s plenty of good stuff going on this weekend in San Francisco. 898 more words


Throwback Thursday: Space Cowboys, Season 2 #5 – “Scurvy Sea Dogs”

It might be helpful, at this stage of the story, to know something about the “guest starring actors” in the story at hand. The conceit, remember, was that the game was based on a TV show that never was. 3,044 more words

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