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Habitat for Humanity's Future - Habitat Quick Look

About a week ago a friend gifted me a copy of Habitat, a game on Steam Early Access. It’s a Unity-powered physics-based strategy game where you have to constuct habitats out of the tons of space junk in Earth’s orbit, as well as fend off hostiles while securing humanity’s future. 29 more words


Gaia Space Telescope hit by micrometeoroids

(Artist’s impression of the Gaia satellite – Photo Credit: ESA/C. Carreau)

Scientists working with the European Space Agency’s Gaia Space Telescope have found that the spacecraft is being hit by micrometeoroids. 365 more words


China tested a missile designed to destroy satellites, U.S. says

The U.S. says China has tested a missile designed to destroy satellites and is urging Beijing to refrain from destabilizing actions.

That report is coming from Associated Press. 110 more words

Defence Watch

Space debris orbiting Earth to be destroyed with giant lasers fired from Australia - Science - News - The Independent

Though it sounds like a plan taken straight from science fiction, researchers at the Australian National University ANU have been given a very real grant of $20 million £10.8 million. 85 more words


I Hate Space-a review of 'Gravity'

As the tagline from ‘Alien’ goes, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” It’s the basis for last year’s blockbuster hit, ‘Gravity.’ But instead of a giant menacing alien creature being the main villain, this time it’s the elements of gravity and space debris. 681 more words

Space junk overload

Have you ever seen fruit flies going apeshit over a rotting tomato? Well, that’s a less elegant version of what Earth’s ever expanding pile of space junk looks like. 494 more words


International Space Station performs 'deboost' to avoid space debris

(The station soaring 260 miles above Africa – Photo Credit: Reid Wiseman/NASA)

The International Space Station conducted a “deboost” on July 22nd, steering the orbiting laboratory away from a fragment of free-floating space debris that could have collided with the station.