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What the Halley's going on?

Recently there was a slightly misleading headline splattered all over my facebook newsfeed suggesting Halley’s comet was returning! At first I thought it was just one newspaper – then I noticed that they all seem to be going with the same theme – see a comet 47 years early! 534 more words

Things To See And Do

SPHERE Fishing for Space Debris

The International Space Station (ISS) sure could use some help, and eventually might get it if people buy off on this latest idea.  If you weren’t aware, the ISS has three robot test satellites aboard, called SPHERES.   243 more words

John Holst

Lockheed Martin to begin tracking potentially dangerous space debris

(The current number of space debris objects in orbit – Photo Credit: ESA)

Lockheed Martin, an aerospace and defence giant, has struck a deal with an Australian technology firm to track space debris that could pose a threat to orbiting satellites. 298 more words


EOS And Lockheed Join Forces Against Space Junk

We have around 2k artificial satellites orbiting our planet, and every instant, the controllers of those birdies fear for the safety of their machines. What do they fear, a stray comet, a meteor or an asteroid? 385 more words