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International Space Station performs 'deboost' to avoid space debris

(The station soaring 260 miles above Africa – Photo Credit: Reid Wiseman/NASA)

The International Space Station conducted a “deboost” on July 22nd, steering the orbiting laboratory away from a fragment of free-floating space debris that could have collided with the station.


Falling Space Debris ... An increasing danger to mankind

Space exploration is gaining momentum with more and more countries entering the field. Apart from the United States, Russia, the EU, now countries like Japan, India, South Korea and Brazil are entering the fray. 108 more words

Threats to US National Security Interests In Space: Satellite Information Technology and Physical Security



     America’s reliance on space based technology has never been greater. Since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, the early days of the Discoverer Mission… 4,054 more words

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Harpooning Space Debris

Space Debris are unwanted materials in space surrounding the Earth. They can be meteorites, asteroids and the junk piled up in space because of launches over the decades.  351 more words


Where the Body and the Mind Are: A Look at 'In Exile' at Istanbul’s Space Debris

Salman Rushdie describes exile as a dream of glorious return, stating that exile is a vision of revolution in his controversial book The Satanic Verses. Rushdie also adds that exile always has the same paradox of looking forward by looking back. 611 more words

…a rough (and only partial) inventory of the stuff mankind has left on the moon: • more than 70 spacecraft, including rovers, modules, and crashed orbiters… 203 more words