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What's Wrong with this Picture?

Evidently the power elite haven’t been satisfied with just raping and pillaging the earth’s environment and peoples, now they have also raped and pillaged the outer space surrounding the earth. 592 more words


A meteor has been sited in Japan

There is a video of it here.  The video is showing the same meteor from a couple of different views.  It is called a “fireball” meteor.   149 more words


Update on Research in Space Debris & Law

Since Spring 2014, I have had the privilege of conducting an extensive independent study under the guidance of NASA astronaut and Columbia Professor Mike Massimino, whose support has been unmatched.  502 more words


What the Halley's going on?

Recently there was a slightly misleading headline splattered all over my facebook newsfeed suggesting Halley’s comet was returning! At first I thought it was just one newspaper – then I noticed that they all seem to be going with the same theme – see a comet 47 years early! 534 more words

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