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Space Invaders for Virtual Boy!

I finally got one step closer to completing my Virtual Boy collection! :D Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was one of the first things I started collecting for, since it was never released here in Europe I got very intrigued by the system :) I have three Virtual Boy systems and all the US released Virtual Boy games, now that I recently found… 230 more words


Chapter 2 Update 7 - Organization

Got a new computer!!

bumped into some issues installing everything and setting up the dev environment but I was able to successfully google the issue and fix it! 199 more words


Chapter 2 Update 6 - Derp

I have to remember that I am still extremely derp.

I have re-architected my space invaders game around 5 times now and I’ve finally gotten a buggy first-playable version done. 97 more words


An Post issues 'Cluichí Íocónacha' Stamp sets

In a move that’s both surprised and delighted us here at Cake Towers, An Post today officially unveiled a set of official Irish stamps featuring iconic gaming characters. 89 more words


Chapter 2 Update 5 - Laser beams!

Wrangled with laser beams today and changed my alien movement algorithm. I have to remember the conceptual model and not try to stuff everything into the mainloop. 90 more words


Chapter 2 Update 4 - Space Invaders!


Today I cleaned up my dude movement and restricted it to side to side – for simplicity sake. Later on I’ll get ambitious and try to do a raiden-type game but for now just side to side. 170 more words