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Adam Sandler's Pixels - Donkey Kong, Pac-Man & others confirmed

The last Adam Sandler movie that I enjoyed was the 2009 comedy Funny People. Since then, Sandler has had more misses than hits with me. That could change (and I hope it does) with his next film  208 more words


PIXELS Logo Revealed

Adam Sandler is really something of a mixed bag. Sure his films have their moments, and depending on the volume of alcohol coursing through your veins they can either be stupidly hilarious or ridiculously pants. 316 more words


Warner Bros. Acquires 'Space Invaders', Possible Film In Works

As movie-goers experienced with Need For Speed, video games don’t necessarily require a plot to be turned into a full-length film. It looks like another story-free franchise may come to the silver screen, as a… 120 more words


Warner Bros. acquires the film rights to classic arcade game Space Invaders | Warner Bros. adquiere los derechos cinematográficos del juego 'arcade' clásico "Space Invaders"

[EN]: Invaders from outer space will be coming to the big screen near you. Are you excited? You should be, especially if you’ve played the 1978 arcade game  340 more words


Classic Arcade Game 'Space Invaders' Being Made Into A Movie

They say Hollywood’s run out of ideas. But the industry will actually have to come up with some kind of plot in its plans to bring a big budget version of the classic minimal arcade classic… 156 more words


Space Invaders: The Movie

This is so ridiculous. Taito doesn’t own the concept of aliens invading from space. So what exactly is Warner Bros buying from them? It’s just the right to pretend that a terrible movie has a connection to a 36-year-old video game with no plot, characters, or even any recognizable elements that will make it into the film. 106 more words