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Knitted 'space invader' baby sweater

If you like knitting then Ravelry is a mini heaven to hide away in… endless inspiration and patterns. My baby boy is often fresh, good reason to treat him to a… 131 more words


Classic Arcade Style Mug with Joystick Handle

The perfect mixture for us here at CoffeeandGeeks: Classic Arcade Games and Coffee, mixed into one. This coffee mug features the classic arcade game Space Invaders. 75 more words


Chapter 2 Update 12 - Reflections

About a month and a half later…space invaders is done. Well, as done as I could do. The last few days of work have been long and there are a lot of things I learned. 713 more words


Chapter 2 Update 11 - Awkward turtle

I’ve only used one library in python so far so converting it to pygame has been a little awkward. I think most of the functionality I am going to be able to keep but I”m learning right now exactly how to do the sprites, utilize key events with pygame’s event system. 252 more words


Resident Evil Bio-hazard Inspired Acrylic Earrings By Fabrication Unlimited

Fabrication Unlimited is an awesome store on Etsy that I found. They have awesome acrylic jewelry. I also love that their products come packaged in boxes with their company name on it. 178 more words


The 13th Anniversary of Space Invaders '91

Space Invaders 91 had eluded me for a long time. It’s a rather obscure game that I wasn’t even aware of until I started collecting for the Genesis. 106 more words

Mail Day

Dream Reader

It’s been just over 29 years since you left us Paul and if you had just walked through my front door – boy what a different world you would see!  381 more words