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How Long is a Game?

How long is too long? I have wasted so many hours of my life playing videogames that I’m astonished I’ve ever accomplished anything else. Were those hours really wasted though? 1,547 more words

Ancient Games

Milk Bar Pizza, Redfern St - testing your prenotion of pizza toppings

Kimchi pizza? Tonkatsu pizza base? Fancy a Sunday roast… on your pizza?

The Milk Bar Pizza is a new pizzeria on Redfern St with a space invaders theme. 222 more words


The Uptown - Nailart

Nailart Tutorial – Space Invaders

Hallo, gisteren heb ik voor jullie de lak The Uptown gereviewd.

Vandaag maak ik daar een nailart op.
En eigenlijk vond ik dat zoooooooooo zonde! 561 more words


My Space

No No… I am  not talking about the popular Social Networking site, but MY SPACE. About transgressions that just make us feel uncomfortable, squeamish, anxious, alarmed, and downright violated. 754 more words


Invader New Pieces In Paris

And here two brand new pieces by Invader PA-1096 and PA-1097, the last one on Rue du Louvre and featuring one of the Louvre’s most precious possessions, the Mona Lisa. 65 more words


Luftrausers Sells Glitter, Not Substance

by Jed Pressgrove

One might wonder if some critics went easy on Luftrausers based on sympathy for developer Vlambeer and its cloned game, Radical Fishing. Luftrausers is a slick product that combines arcade/Atari shooting and scoring with mindless achievements disguised as missions. 353 more words

Colourful Space Invaders land on college campus

A college campus in Switzerland is currently hosting some street art with a difference: a ‘3D’ installation of iconic game Space Invaders.

Leon Keer and Remko van Schaik spent six days transforming a plaza on the… 71 more words