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Worlds Less Traveled New Link

As of August 1, 2014, “Worlds Less Traveled,” my short story about an Earth attorney struggling with psychosis and a mysterious alien at an off-world deposition, has ended its month as the featured story at Comets and Criminals. 195 more words

Science Fiction

Space Law; Explored

This article was previously published on Gavin Ward’s Youblawg, on April 2nd 2012, found here.

Dramatic openers apart, the statement above can be said to be true. 3,876 more words

International Law

Property RIghts in Space (Part II): Post-NewSpace Conference Thoughts - Posey ASTEROIDS Act, Bigelow Payload Safety Review, On-Orbit Jurisdiction, Etc.

To begin, the discussion today served as good evidence that property rights issues in space are indeed a mix of law, policy, politics, diplomacy, and technology. 1,316 more words

Property Rights in Space (Part I): When Talking Property Rights in Space, Limit References to the Moon Treaty Please

Looking forward to moderating a panel discussion at NewSpace 2014 tomorrow July 25th at 10:45AM  in San Jose, CA  on property rights in space and will be joined by Sagi Kfir (Corporate Counsel, Deep Space Industries), Jim Muncy (Co-Founder, Space Frontier Foundation), and Berin Szoka (President, Tech Freedom).  821 more words

Space Law!

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of humans walking on the moon, check out The Little Book of Space Law by Matthew J. Kleiman. You can find it in the Law Library Basement KZD1145 .K49 2013.  12 more words

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