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Wednesday Wanderings: Black Hole Model, Sounds of Space, Funny Tumblr Posts, and Oh, So Cute Sesame Street Moment

The movie Interstellar has led to a model of what a black hole actually looks like:


In more space news, this is what outer space really sounds like, and it is kind of cool: 26 more words

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Fan Music Spotlight

Just had to make mention of these tracks, bloody brilliant.  Such talent, makes me want to play starcontrol 2 again. Epicspacemadness!

For a trip down electronica memory lane, heres the entire tyrian soundtrack

Enjoy space trucker :D

News From The Void

Influences - Steve Roach

Today I want to give some insight to the ozone cymbal sound design I discussed yesterday. Earlier on this year a friend turned me onto the music of… 301 more words


Space Music - Choosing an Object

This week, I will be choosing a target in space for my “Space Music” project. (You can read more about that here). These are the options. 77 more words

Dark Matter

space bread

ingredients (organic):

-whole wheat flour- (or gluten-free flour)
-leaven (preferably sourdough starter)
-brown sugar
-extra virgin olive oil
-rosemary, bay leaves, sage, oregano… 253 more words


PHILLIP WILKERSON - Wondrous Encounters (2014)

Sometimes you just vibe with a certain person’s music; you don’t really know why, you just experience a more profound reaction than you do to the music of other, ostensibly similar musicians. 663 more words


Night Drive - Young Rivals

If Night Drive were a brand of car, they would be a Tesla. They’re futuristic, brooding and ferociously quick. Apart from my far-fetched analogy, I don’t know much about them. 105 more words

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