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THE GATELESS GATE - Near North (2014)

OK, regular readers will know by now that I am The Gateless Gate (dun-dun-dun!). And I promote my releases on the blog briefly and in a classy fashion, then go back to the regular programming. 264 more words


ANCIENT AMBIENT: Alio Die's early music electronica

We know that ambient music is all about creating a certain atmosphere, generally a tranquil, peaceful one. This is even to be found in dark ambient, just in a different (darker) way. 1,001 more words


Something About Vangelis

Some of my favorite musicians simply do not lend themselves to categorization.  Most of them, though, utilize electronics and synthesizers to create their masterpieces. A few of the artists, whose music frequently appear in my stereo, are Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Klaus Schultze, Ralf Hütter, Hans Zimmer, and Vangelis. 528 more words

Cultural Highlights

Claudio Merlini - Forever Changes

Coming soon, the brand new album from Italian maestro Claudio Merlini, “Forever Changes”, it’s his best yet! More information coming very soon on the AD Music website

Instrumental Music

March Netaudio Revue

A holiday in the sunny, geriatric climes of Gulf Coast Florida has recharged Make Your Own Taste, so this March allow me to unveileth unto thee a selection of lovely recordings that have come my way so far this year (or came to me sometime in the last year and I just got around to listening to them :<). 758 more words



Analysis of the dissertation from the previous post, “The Composition and Performance of Spatial Music.”