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David Wright's 'Beyond the Airwaves' Volumes 1 and 2 - update.

As previously reported, there is a new David Wright CD scheduled for September release. However, this is not the previously reported double, which is in fact now being split into two separate CD releases. 330 more words

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Divine Matrix news

A new Divine Matrix CD is in the pipeline, probably for early 2015 release. There is also a series of ‘download only’ releases called “Soundscapes Volume 1, 2, 3  etc which will feature more drifting, experimental music from the imagination of Steve Barnes’s Divine Matrix project. More news to follow…………..

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WATERPLEA - Rudimentary Oscillations (2013) Future music from the new Russia

One of the main reasons why I continue to review music so regularly and put so much effort into it is that not only do I get to hear a ton of great music, but occasionally I get sent something that is almost transcendent in its awesomeness. 770 more words

OLIVER LIEB - Inside Voices (2014) The new German school remains

This new release from the Psychonavigation label proves definitively that there is always life left in the specific sounds of a particular era, if those sounds had any genuine intrinsic value. 485 more words


AD Music at forthcoming electronic music events.

A busy period coming up, with a number of festivals in the UK and Europe. While we’re not performing at any of them this year, we will be there supporting the events and promoting new CDs. 238 more words

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Claudio Merlini CD reviews

Here is a link to some nice reviews from our good friends CDS in Dundee of Claudio Merlini’s music including the brand new CD ‘Forever Changes’. Click here.

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nnord - nnord ##01 - Orbital (2014) Maximum cosmic synth

It’s always nice to see a new label doing quality work. Yes, the internets are crowded with electronic music labels, but when a new one is putting out really great stuff, then there’s always room for more. 529 more words