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Review: The Circuit: Executor Rising by Rhett C. Bruno

The Circuit: Executor Rising’ by Rhett C. Bruno is my kind of book. Earth is dead (yay, apocalypse!) and humanity has taken to the stars. 459 more words


Flash Fiction: "Rawr!"

One of Nerd in the Brain’s summer challenges is “Write a short story about a dinosaur meeting an alien.” I happen to have a character who’s an alien dinosaur, so my first thought was “Gamma meeting himself!” and I wrote up a little story about it. 681 more words


Book Tour - Day Four

Today is the fourth day of my book tour for THE ENCLAVE.

I am featured on coffee, Books and Art today.  There is a small interview and a Guest Post. 59 more words


Foundation and Chaos - Greg Bear (1998)

‘In ‘Foundation and Chaos’, one of science fiction’s greatest storytellers takes one of its greatest stories into new and fascinating territory. Isaac Asimov’s classic Foundation series is back. 770 more words

Space Opera

STARCHASER Chapter 6: Excerpt

Vrath was a vicious looking thing with big, buggy orbs for eyes, and leathery skin that sagged at the jawline and flapped about as the creature moved.

86 more words
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In Which We Arrive at the End Game

You’ve read my take on books one and two (or, if you haven’t, I totally just linked to them, so at your leisure…). Now, at long last, here’s my short ‘n’ sweet review for the final book of the Paradox Trilogy. 329 more words


Book Tour - Day Three

Today is the Third day of my book tour for THE ENCLAVE.

I have one stop today on Musings of a Book Maven, where I have a guest post on what inspired me to write THE ENCLAVE. 79 more words