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The Evolutionary Void - Peter F Hamilton (2010)

Somehow managing, as he always does, to choreograph a vast cast of characters, Hamilton brings his latest trilogy to a conclusion. Various factions, agents, police operatives, religious lunatics and alien war fleets are racing toward the Void boundary to either cross over into the Void or prevent those that want to from doing so. 485 more words


NaNoWriMo -- Day 28: Fleet

Fleet 28

The rear room of the security office wasn’t actually a room. It was another set of stairs. They looked like emergency stairs, close set to the wall and narrow. 592 more words


One Way Trip to Solasoma

I woke from a deafening roar. My bed roll was tangled with ShaShe’s bed roll. The cave violently shook and ShaShe sot my protection. She grabbed my waste. 855 more words

Creative Endeavours

Micro-fiction 010 – Head (Echoes series)


Thousands of years after leaving earth the human colonies explore their old planet, sending a legion of androids to penetrate the mysterious atmosphere.

Echoes | Head… 1,458 more words

Science Fiction

NaNoWriMo -- Day 27: Fleet

Fleet 27

Cord finally found the right box. He stabbed his I.D. code into the number pad and popped the lid open. A dozen grav guns were latched in place. 265 more words


NaNoWriMo -- Day 26: Fleet

Sorry about the lack of posting the last few days. The holiday week has been a bit busy.

Fleet 23

The door slammed on my face. 578 more words


Angel Stations - Gary Gibson (2004)

Gibson’s debut novel is a multi-character narrative space opera much in the style of Peter F Hamilton
Mankind has been able to travel out to the stars due to the discovery of Angel Stations; vast torus-shaped space stations surrounding wormholes which give instantaneous access to other stations in other parts of the galaxy. 545 more words