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QuicFic: Collapse

I awoke to the taste of my own blood. Caught unaware and half out of my impact webbing the blast had thrown me awkwardly from my chair, my head ricocheting against the console to my left. 592 more words



Can’t take much more sir
Shields are collapsing Captain!
Ship’s hull wails a moan


Book Review: Spots the Space Marine

This is an interesting review to write. It’s very long coming (since I finished it probably months ago now), and it’s not a style of book I’ve read often, but it’s M.C.A. 768 more words


Book Tour - Day Six, the final day

Today is the sixth and final day of my book tour for THE ENCLAVE.

I am featured on Indy Book Fairy
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Dune (1965) by Frank Herbert

Arguably the most famous science fiction novel ever published, Dune captured the hearts and minds of the SF community and sowed the seeds for the future of SF, including the even more influential… 1,068 more words

Science Fiction

Book Tour - Day FIve

Today is the fifth day of my book tour for THE ENCLAVE.

I am featured on Ari’s Reads (Ari is also my daughter’s nickname :) ) 76 more words


Poor Man's Fight— a review

While there are any number of space operas on Amazon’s Kindle format nowadays, I enjoyed Poor Man’s Fight by Elliot Kay quite a bit. The formula is perhaps too much tried and true—yet another coming of age in the military story, but I thought the premise that sets the hero upon his path more thoughtful than many others. 386 more words