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Photographs/Remembrance - 45th Anniversary of NASA's First Landing on the Moon

AminCadet – The first image below is a view of the Apollo 11 Saturn V from the top of the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Launch Tower (Launch Complex 39A (aka Pad A)) taken July 7, 1969. 726 more words

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Photograph - Jupiter's moon Io

Space.com: “Jupiter’s moon Io floats above the cloudtops of Jupiter in this image captured January 1, 2001. The image is deceiving: there are 350,000 kilometers – roughly 2.5 Jupiters – between Io and Jupiter’s clouds. 20 more words

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Our site name and domain address have changed!

AdminCadet: Our site is now called “Space Cadetz” and can be reached at http://www.space-cadetz.com. Same posts, purpose, and authors! Hope you continue to enjoy the site.

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Photos: It's Always the Fourth of July in Space

See the best red, white and blue photos from space to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Nebula N81 photographed by Hubble - Location: Small Magellanic Cloud

NASA/ESA/HHT: “NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has peered deep into a neighboring galaxy to reveal details of the formation of new stars. Hubble’s target was a newborn star cluster within the Small Magellanic Cloud, a small galaxy that is a satellite of our own Milky Way. 31 more words

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