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Guest Post: Author J.S. Collyer "For The Love"

I’m fairly certain I stumbled upon J.S. Collyer thanks to some smart postings over at Chuck Wendig’s blog, smart enough to get me awfully curious about what was happening in her corner of the blogosphere. 1,710 more words


Trope-a-Day: Space Pirates

Space Pirates: Type I is occasionally possible, thanks to the constraints of economically favorable trajectories, refueling stations (around gas giants), and the stargates themselves making it at least possible to lie around in somewhat-disguised- bearing in mind the constraints covered under… 259 more words


Space Pirate by Killer Bootlegs

I thought my first post on this blog should be something I really like – And I didn’t have to look very far.

If you follow him on Instagram (@killerbootlegs) you know that Peter “Killer Bootlegs” Goral has been producing a line of one of “Space Pirates.” Each one is different, and they were essentially sold blind. 343 more words


Bodacious Space Pirates (Pachinko) by SANKYO



Today’s pachinko is based on a story in which a young girl becomes a space pirate: Bodacious Space Pirates!
This is an anime that can only be seen via pachinko! 68 more words