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Season Six – A Delicious Box of Chocolates

For many years, season six was all we had from the three years of Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. Up until the late 80s and the discovery of four episodes of ‘The Ice Warriors’, we only had five episodes from the fifth season, and not many more from the fourth. 1,223 more words

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Fantastic Female Friday- Hot Ice Hilda (Outlaw Star)

The mere mention of her name gets a strong reaction from Outlaws, pirates and space forces alike. She steals and android from notorious Chinese pirate guild, the Kei Pirates, and in an altercation that ends with the death of their leader at her hands.. 597 more words


Male Objectification Monday- Gene Starwind (Anime Week Special)

On the tail of Anime Boston, I’m going to be cramming as much anime and manga as possible. From bonus reviews to anime themed specials for the weekly posts.  349 more words


Omni developments!

Big developments in the omnirumour over the past few days.

Marco, Massacre and another at Easter? What eps remain missing? Check out the Omnirumour Update March 21st

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Book Review! Hull Damage by Timothy J. Meyer

I picked up Hull Damage for Kindle free on Amazon. The current rating there is 3 & a half stars, and that feels about right to me. 660 more words

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Treasure Planet (2002) Reimagines Treasure Island with a Space-age Twist

Have you ever been watching a pirate movie and said to yourself, “Gee, what this really needs is some aliens!” Then this is the movie for you. 458 more words