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Why can't the US set a firm Space policy?

Particularly since the decommissioning of the Space Shuttle, the United States has had a very haphazard policy when it comes to space exploration.

More recently, the scaling back of space exploration makes sense, everything from budgetary concerns to the limits of technology are all justifiable points on pulling back and regrouping for ideas — but even then, the United States lacks a clear vision of where it wants to be in the future. 358 more words


Heliophysics: The Science of the Sun

As society’s dependence on space-based technology increases, it becomes more crucial that we better understand the dynamics and processes that govern the environment around Earth. The Sun accounts for 98% of the mass and a vast majority of the energy in the solar system, so most of the physics of our solar system is driven by the physics of our local star. 726 more words


Why space travel? Why go to mars? What is US Goal for Space Exploration?

Current US Space Budget $25,000,000,000 / Year

The current US space policy and goals are confusing.   This is extremely upsetting. We are spending a lot $25B / yr on space development (including military spending) and if we don’t know what we are trying to achieve there is a good chance a lot of it is wasted money.   4,716 more words

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A Bad Week for Commercial Spaceflight

The US commercial space industry did not fare well last week. Two accidents on 28th and 31st October highlight the risks, costs, and difficulties of spaceflight—as well as pointing to potential setbacks for commercial spaceflight. 852 more words

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An Awful Week For Trying to Leave the Planet

On Tuesday a Cygnus spacecraft carrying supplies to the International Space Station exploded shortly after takeoff.  On Friday a test flight of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two (developed by Scaled Composites) crashed in the Mojave desert, killing one of the pilots.  349 more words


The First Comics To Mars Will Be Strips

Readers might recall that I like comic strips.  So does Uwingu, a private organization dedicated to promoting space exploration and research.  (Note – I donated $100 to Uwingu back in 2012, and am therefore listed as a supporter at the Founder level.  163 more words

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