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The First Comics To Mars Will Be Strips

Readers might recall that I like comic strips.  So does Uwingu, a private organization dedicated to promoting space exploration and research.  (Note – I donated $100 to Uwingu back in 2012, and am therefore listed as a supporter at the Founder level.  163 more words

S & T On Film, TV Or The Radio

Site Selection for Lunar Industrialization, Economic Development, and Settlement


The subject of a lunar landing site/outpost/base has been explored extensively. Due to the cost and complexity involved, until now this has been almost the exclusive domain of government. 8,698 more words


Space Generation Advisory Council – Should we be trying to engage this group on some level?


Did India Borrow From NASA's Goldin?

The Indian Mars craft (Mangalyaan in Hindi) entered Martian orbit yesterday.  The successful mission makes India the fourth spacefaring power, after the Soviet Union, the United States and the European Space Agency, to orbit another planet.  226 more words


SpaceX Probably Won't Be Suing NASA Anytime Soon

While SpaceX’s effort to get what a fair shake in competing for some space contracts continues, NASA has awarded the company with a contract for its next crew vehicle.  110 more words