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About That Earth-Like Exoplanet

It’s about 500 light years away, but Kepler-186f may have provided NASA a little shot in the search for extraterrestrial life arm.  The planet is the first planet the size of Earth that has been… 192 more words


Space Isn't Special When It Comes To Russia

Noted here last week was the chilling of cooperation between the U.S. and Russia in space operations.  It was not the only instance where scientific exchange and cooperation has been stalled due to tensions between the two countries over military actions in the Ukraine.  234 more words

Science Policy: General

Now It's Extra Awkward....In Spaaace!

Dependence on Russian access to space has always been a bit of a problem in the United States, at least from a geopolitical perspective.  You might credit the antagonism between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Space Race for some of this, but I suggest that were we dependent on any other country to gain entry to the International Space Station (ISS), NASA would find it frustrating.  242 more words

S & T On Film, TV Or The Radio

Uwingu Wants To Get Up And Personal With The Red Planet

(Note – I donated $100 to Uwingu back in 2012, and am therefore listed as a supporter at the Founder level.  I received a small token of appreciation at the time, but do not now gain anything from the association.) 206 more words

Democratization Of Knowledge

An introduction to "space security"

I’m curious about what people refer to as “space security”, as well as space policy and sustainability, and if you’re interested, you can learn with me. 723 more words

Politicization Of Science