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SpaceX Failure Not As Bad As It Seems (Not By A Long Shot)

SpaceX continues to work on reusable rocket technology that should make space access a lot cheaper.  Coming back from sending a Dragon capsule on its latest cargo run to the International Space Station, a Falcon 9 rocket first stage… 168 more words


FY15 Funding for Heliophysics

You probably heard NASA’s name come up several times during the coverage about the so-called “CRomnibus” funding bill that made its way through Congress a couple of weeks ago. 438 more words


Why can't the US set a firm Space policy?

Particularly since the decommissioning of the Space Shuttle, the United States has had a very haphazard policy when it comes to space exploration.

More recently, the scaling back of space exploration makes sense, everything from budgetary concerns to the limits of technology are all justifiable points on pulling back and regrouping for ideas — but even then, the United States lacks a clear vision of where it wants to be in the future. 358 more words


Heliophysics: The Science of the Sun

As society’s dependence on space-based technology increases, it becomes more crucial that we better understand the dynamics and processes that govern the environment around Earth. The Sun accounts for 98% of the mass and a vast majority of the energy in the solar system, so most of the physics of our solar system is driven by the physics of our local star. 726 more words