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Did India Borrow From NASA's Goldin?

The Indian Mars craft (Mangalyaan in Hindi) entered Martian orbit yesterday.  The successful mission makes India the fourth spacefaring power, after the Soviet Union, the United States and the European Space Agency, to orbit another planet.  226 more words


SpaceX Probably Won't Be Suing NASA Anytime Soon

While SpaceX’s effort to get what a fair shake in competing for some space contracts continues, NASA has awarded the company with a contract for its next crew vehicle.  110 more words


SpaceX Failure - Risk Is Still Its Business

Earlier today a SpaceX rocket test resulted in the explosion of the test vehicle, a three-engine version of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.  This particular rocket already had a successful test (the Falcon 9 is a reusable design).  82 more words


On Space Junk, AKA Really Near Earth Objects

Orbital debris continues to be a challenge.  While the chances of a scenario like the one that started the film Gravity are remote (putting aside the film’s challenges with orbital dynamics), they are not zero.  261 more words


NASA Reminds Us That All Mission Agencies Share An Economic Mission

News circulated last week (to the greater public) that NASA was going to be more particular about the level of foreign participation allowed on some of its missions.  255 more words

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