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NASA's Hubble telescope adds new technique to see 10 times farther into space

This illustration shows how the precision stellar distance measurements from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have been extended 10 times farther into our Milky Way Galaxy than previously possible. 729 more words

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Hubble Observations: From the Ground to Your Computer

This post is the second in a two-part series.

In my last post, “Hubble Observations: From the Sky to the Ground,” I wrote about the route Hubble images take as they are digitally transferred from space to the ground. 517 more words

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Hubble Observations: From the Sky to the Ground

This post is part one in a two-part series.

How does what Hubble sees become what you see? The first part involves moving science data from the sky to the ground—a complicated matter. 210 more words

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