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45 Years Ago Today...

45 years ago today, man successfully returned rocks from another world for study on Earth. On Thursday, July 24, 1969, astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins splashed down somewhere in the Pacific. 684 more words


Another Day Closer to Gliesse 667Ce

One thousand ships with one thousand people onboard soaring through space to one thousand different destinations. The human races last chance for survival since scientists had recently declared that previous calculations for the life of our sun had been miscalculated. 632 more words


Hunt for the Hydra

Pirates are good, but pirates in space are even better! This one was recommended by several people, including Charlotte at Charlotte’s Library and Stephanie at… 477 more words


Space Ships and The Suspension of Disbelief

Who would win in a space battle; the Millennium Falcon or the U.S.S. Enterprise?

I know, I know, that’s basically asking if a smuggler can best an explorer when the guns are drawn. 474 more words

Landing on the moon just got a whole lot easier

Advocates for manned moon explorations have been sorely disappointed by US space politics in recent times. Charles Bolden, president of NASA, declared last year that NASA “will not take the lead on a human lunar mission … probably in my lifetime.” Of a possible return, President Obama has quipped: “We’ve been there before.” 331 more words

Warp Speed...........Engage!

“Hang on tight, nearly there….

Just a little bit more…..

There! Done.

Disengage warp drive, return to normal space Scotty.”

I hear the captain speak these words from where I sit strapped, immobilized in my chair. 2,278 more words