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Can’t take much more sir
Shields are collapsing Captain!
Ship’s hull wails a moan


Steampunk Book Review: First Men in the Moon

I have yet to meet an H. G. Wells book that I didn’t like, and First Men in the Moon is no exception. His scientific romances are always full of interesting concepts and he was all for turning Victorian ideals on their heads even during his own time. 410 more words

Victorian Era

NASA Mars Rover Breaks Driving Record

NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover has set a new record for the longest off-Earth driving distance, the administration announced.

Opportunity has driven 25 miles since it arrived on Mars in 2004. 129 more words

Planet Never. Chapter 5.

I wake up in a moment’s peace, before memory finds its way back to me. So much is wrong. Immediate panic prompts me to bring up a view of the nursery on my wall. 3,105 more words

Sci Fi

The Feasibility of Interstellar Travel

…by Mark McCandlish,

Since the advent of Albert Einstein’s famous Theory of General Relativity in the early years of the last century, science has taken a decidedly negative view of the possibility that Mankind could ever find a detour around what has been described as the “universal speed limit”; that is, the speed of light.  5,808 more words



Some solar sailing,
nebula fly pasts, gambling
You should try a cruise!


Space Elevators - An Intriguing idea

As per Wikipedia, A space elevator is a proposed type of space transportation system.Its main component is a ribbon-like cable (also called a tether) anchored to the surface and extending into space. 529 more words