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For All Mankind (1989) - A film by Al Reinert

Spine #54
United States
80 minutes

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Worth checking out. If you are interested in space travel at all, then the images and stories will keep you mesmerized for 80 minutes. 148 more words


Warp Drive

Before we can achieve interstellar travel like it appears in science fiction, scientists must make huge leaps and develop a way to exceed the speed of light, as well as a way to work around the issue of spacetime and mass, so that the spacecraft can have propulsive forces without having to carry along all the necessary propellant. 233 more words



After months in a cryo-tube, they finally woke me. What a headache! Sheesh. And holy moly, I really had to go to the bathroom, after which I needed not so much a shower as a sandblasting. 535 more words


The Angry Red Planet (1960)

The film begins at mission control where the brass has just gotten around to retrieving the long missing MR-1 rocket.  They last heard from the ship and its crew of four as it orbited Mars.  480 more words



Welcome to the Space Colonisation website.

The aim of this site is to capture key research, thoughts and ideas on the science and development behind the Colony book series. 167 more words


Private Rocket launched on Friday has very inetersting symbolism attached!

Private Rocket Launched to Space Station

Billionaire inventor Elon Musk appears on course to complete his most ambitious project yet: bringing the world’s first reusable space rocket safely back to earth.

1,619 more words
Bible Prophecy

Warp Drive: Science Fiction or Future Reality?

This video segment explores the possibilities of creating a warp drive spacecraft that isn’t bound by the cosmic speed limit of lightspeed. The idea highlighted in the video is that fluctuations in spacetime itself would propel the spacecraft, as opposed to the spacecraft propelling itself through space. 178 more words