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NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: October 22nd 2014, Lots of Solar Flares

Solar activity is high. During the past 48 hours, monster sunspot AR2192 has produced a series of seven M-class solar flares of increasing intensity. The eruptions crossed the threshold into… 133 more words


Energy Cloud May Be Triggering Rapid DNA Changes & Evolution


FOR BEST VIEWING PUT IN HD FULLSCREEN AND PAUSE WHEN NEEDED SOME PARTS GO BY QUICKLY. The solar system has moved in to an Energy Cloud that May Be Triggering Rapid Evolution of the entire solar system from the planets right down to our own biology. 133 more words


Saturday Suggestion - Sunspotter

Sunspotter is possibly the simplest, yet one of the most addictive Zooniverse projects. All you have to do is select which out of two images of sunspot groups is the most complex. 54 more words

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Solar cycle 24 just keeps going

In July I wrote a blog where I tentatively suggested that solar cycle 24 had peaked in the month of June. Bad Idea, because since June each of the following three months the sunspot number as edged up a little bit more, so that the September value of 87.6 is the highest since March of this year and the fourth highest of cycle 24. 361 more words

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