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Battle Report: 1250 Necrons/Space Wolves/Thousand Sons (CSM)

Last night I participated in a 1v1v1 game with two guys at the shop and it was a lot of fun.

The limit was 1250 points (Bound), the objectives were kill points, and myself and Chris (Space Wolves under Njal Stormcaller) deployed on the long edges while Tyler (CSM under Fabulous Bile) deployed on my left-hand short edge. 687 more words

Chaos Space Marines

Introduction to Six Plus Painting

Hi all, just a brief introduction to the blog. I know there’s no one reading this at the moment as this isn’t officially live yet but I’ll keep it up here for future reference. 98 more words


Tactical Corner: All HAIL the PURIFIERS!

So its been a couple of weeks since Codex: Grey Knights came out and I’ve had a chance to play a couple of games and get a real feel for the new rules. 409 more words

Grey Knights

Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Iron Devourers & Imperial Guard - 2000 points (Round 3!)

This it the third battle now between George’s Wolves and my Marines. First was here, second is here. I lost the first battle and drew the second, so this time I was determined to win! 3,057 more words


Episode 23 - Eldar Codex Review Part 2

G’Day Listeners,

Here’s the second part of our Eldar Codex review as well as the usual segments we do once we have finished a codex review plus the usual shenanigans. 421 more words

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Back into the fray!

Ok so I decided to paint a Razorback!  Woop!  Exciting!  I bet you’ve already closed the window.  Good idea!  I’ll continue for my own benefit. 307 more words