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Securing Snowbear Pass-06: Ill Omens

Haldis stares at the reddening sky. All should be going well; this outpost they occupy now stands in far better condition than the pervious one. Patrols have reported no movements of the Orks that have assailed them relentlessly since their arrival in the Pass. 2,176 more words

Wolves Of Fenris

Echoes of War - a Space Marine audio drama collection

As the Echoes of War fade (see what I did there?!), the Space Marines hang up their armour and the dreadnoughts are shuffled back into their long slumbers, it feels worth recapping on a week of excellent audio dramas from Black Library. 1,393 more words

Science Fiction

Blood Claws!

I just love the fluff surrounding these guys so they were the first models I bought for my new Space Wolves army. I wanted the biggest group possible swampin into combat. 47 more words


Scout Squad

Showing the rest of my scout squad. In game I will probably break them up into 2 groups unless I plan on having some tasty cover to hide em in.


Wolf Scouts

Boom! Throwin down my scout sergeant!

Wolf Scout Sgt, though he doesn’t have anything special. I threw a cadian head on him plus a shoulder pad from my bits box to spice him up a little bit. 42 more words


Parting of the Ways - Chris Wraight (audio drama)

The first in Black Library’s Echoes of War collection, a week’s worth of new audio dramas, Parting of the Ways continues Chris Wraight’s fine work in chronicling the sagas of the Space Wolves, the Vlka Fenryka. 446 more words


Space Wolves Rune Priest

Just finished up painting my new rune priest. Pretty excited to use him in battle as I’ve never played Space Wolves before.


Vallejo Model Color: Cavalry Brown (Armor), Deep Blue Grey (Fur) 13 more words