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Securing Snowbear Pass-10: Metal Allies

The side door of Mountainfang slams open. Bolts tear out of the opening of the Razorback, cutting down those few Orks unlucky enough to be trailing behind. 1,303 more words


Charge of the Light Briga-- ... er Wolves!

I’ve been working on my Space Wolves for several months now, and decided to play them in a live game for the first time, with liberal amounts of my husband’s Ultramarines sprinkled in as “counts as” Space Wolves.   517 more words

Securing Snowbear Pass-09: Barricades

The first tendrils of pinking sun creep over the snow-capped horizon, blotting out the final glimpse of the setting planet. The roar of Snowhammer‘s engine hisses to a soft rumbling, the plumes of ashy smoke dying out from the Land Raider’s exhaust ports. 1,958 more words


Final Year Project - Uni

Hi this is my first blog……ever and I am  going to use it to document my final year project for university.

I first thought about my project some time at the end of my 2nd year in may 2013, I knew I had to think of something I would love to do and pour my heart and soul into and really go balls to the walls with it. 647 more words

Securing Snowbear Pass-08: Face to Face

Firekrumper lets out a bellow, the Grot by his feet dodging the Nob’s Power Klaw by centimeters. “Wadaya mean youz din’t hears nofing ’bout wat doze Furry Marinez are doin?!” 2,026 more words


Wolf Guard Battle or Pack Leader

Back at the beginning of September I went to The Overlords’ Haven event and had a lot of fun with my Wolves. Unfortunately, being me, I’d left sorting my army out far too long and so I had guys that were ready and painted to tabletop standard in that they had all the base colours on them and were neat and tidy and on bases (like the older models in my army in fact) but that were not what I’d call finished. 198 more words

Games Workshop

On the Table

Showing off what I’m working on this week(s). I usually like to work on several things at once just so I don’t get bored/burnt-out on one. 77 more words