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Space Puppies!

Bought a pack of Fenrisian Wolves last time I was over at my FLGS. I just went in for some Agrax!! The year started out well with only a few unpainted projects but has quickly escalated. 53 more words


WIP Stormwolf

I’ve been working on a Stormwolf for the past few weeks. I just got an airbrush so have been using this model to test it out on. 51 more words


Space Wolf Terminator

New Space Wolf terminator model painted up.


New Wolf Guard

Painted up a new guy for my Space Wolves. He can move around to any role, I’ve played a few games with him as my Battle Leader, Pack Leader or just a Wolf Guard. 39 more words


QUICK REVIEW : The Watcher - CZ Dunn

On the twenty-fourth day of Christmas, Black Library gave to us…a Horus Heresy audio drama by CZ Dunn. The final advent short, The Watcher sees one of Malcador’s Knights Errant receive a message in the form of a broken and bloodied Space Wolf. 167 more words


Securing Snowbear Pass-10: Metal Allies

The side door of Mountainfang slams open. Bolts tear out of the opening of the Razorback, cutting down those few Orks unlucky enough to be trailing behind. 1,303 more words