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Is it a wolf? Is it a boat?...

…No, it’s the new Space Wolves flyer!

I was very disappointed when flyers were first released that the Space Wolves lost out, I was even more frustrated when they had dog-fighting rules in Death from the Skies and nothing (save for pricey and exotic Forgeworld goodies) to use them with, but now at last, we have something and I’m not sure what to make of it. 368 more words

First Warhammer battle in a long time ...

I’ve been busy at work for a long time and I haven’t had the time to keep up with WH, computers games etc. as much as earlier. 487 more words

Warhammer 40K


My wife and I bought the WH40K Stormclaw set. Space Wolves for me and Orks for wifey.

I love the Krom Dragongaze model possibly because I also loved the codex coverart the model is based upon. 67 more words

Warhammer 40K

A brief update

So, a few weeks back I moved back to the UK and my laptop promptly broke. I’m currently making do with my ancient and unwieldy tablet which is not particularly good considering that it has no word processing capacity and the multitouch software is a little bit buggy. 435 more words

My troubled relationship with the Space Wolves

It looks like our next turn about the release merry-go-round from GW will be the big bounding beasts that are Fenris’ finest. Yep, it’s Space Wolves time. 1,021 more words

Thoughts And Comment

New Warhammer 40k starter set

Well according to this leaked photo of next weeks White Dwarf (which if its a fake its damn good). Games Workshops new box set will be Space Wolves vs Orks, now not against the Space Wolves but Orks, surely that well has got to be getting close to empty, although you argue that Space Marines as a starter faction is so empty that all the bucket is bringong up now is sand, but they are the flag ship good guy faction for 40k and the poster boys for GW, Dark Vengence we had Dark Angels now the Space Wolves which coupled with the Ork codex that has been release would make me think that the Wolves Codex is just about ready to poke its head into the world. 101 more words

Games Workshop

Ragnar Blackmane Wolf Lord

Ragnar was born Ragnar Thunderfist on Fenris, a barbarian of the Thunderfists tribe. When he was still a teenager, his village was attacked by a rival tribe, the Grimskulls, who slaughtered his family and most of his tribe. 239 more words

Space Marine