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Send Your Pets to Space!

If you’re a grieving pet owner and want to give your deceased pet a special burial… forget the backyard… this Texas-based company will blast the cremated remains off to space!



Midnight Vista II

My second attempt using luminosity masking. This time I used exposure to create this image. An exposure for the sky and an exposure for the foreground. 51 more words


Weird Supernova May Blow Away Star Explosion Theories


Light from a radioactive metal forged inside a supernova blast could prompt a rethink of how some star explosions occur.

The supernova SN 2014J is located 11.4 million light-years from Earth in the galaxy M82. 929 more words



I told Charlotte I would write a few words about the storyspace session this week. They usually happen when there’s a 5th Wednesday in the month. 436 more words