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talk to me
make me understand



one…. two
she could read me like a book
she knew i missed her presence
as she stared at me from the door walking into the room… 129 more words

Thoughts Written In Permanent Ink


Head of Medusa
Demon star, night sky riddle
Yet we gaze, fearless

"So Sure That You're A Leo? Think Again!" - Stellar Drift and Expansion

Okay, so everything is moving constantly. Right? Okay, Right. If you remember that space is expanding, then the idea that everything in space is essentially moving in the omnidirectional pathways that the initial “Big-Bang” would naturally spread out in, (as with every explosion) shouldn’t be too weird. 237 more words

Hunt in The South : a Venture Unsolicited

Pam Strugar and April Durham constructed a final Multipoint exhibition in LA at groundspace project in downtown Los Angeles.


I wrote recently about how I’ve begun a journey into a slower way of life. I’m minimizing my schedule and learning to believe that my identity is not rooted in what I do, how busy I am, or what I have to show for myself at the end of a day. 598 more words

Eleven Interior Creating Tips For Your Little Ones Space

Traditional Children by Fiorella Layout

Modern day Little ones by Nicole Lanteri

Funny And Appealing Yellow Animal Youngsters Bath Wraps

Contemporary Kids by Stacy Curran… 22 more words

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