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Beautiful Brainwashing Machine

  The visual deprivation tanks are installed. They are still a work in progress, a baby requires constant care! I have installed a handle and hook inside the tanks so that participants can shut themselves in without an attendant there to lock them in. 722 more words


Nice Work if You Can Get It, Chapter 1: Betoto Dreams Big

On Friday, Betoto Nyondo will become one of the richest men in Tanzania. Exactly one week later, he will be dead. His funeral will make the headlines in the… 1,829 more words






SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft Packed with Big Science for Space Station (Infographic)

By Jennifer Lawinski and Anita Rahman   |   April 12, 2014 07:38am ET… 404 more words


Is our reality a cosmic reflection?

In our beings, we have a number of energy fields called chakras, that absorb and also reflect (electromagnetic radiation) that has caused an influence to a particular physical, mental or emotional stimuli within the reality that is said to be a myriad of puzzle pieces that manifests our perception of the ongoing arrangement, rearrangement and interaction of atoms. 478 more words


A total lunar eclipse in the early hours of Tuesday gave viewers a rare glimpse of what’s sometimes called a “blood moon,” due to the reddish hue it takes on as a result of dust in the atmosphere. 40 more words