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The Full Transcript Of Lil B's Groundbreaking Lecture At MIT

​Lil B lectures on leadership and love, and fields questions from the nation's smartest young minds.

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Extreme Shrimp May Hold Clues to Alien Life

This extreme oasis of life deep in the Caribbean Sea may hold clues to life on other planetary bodies, including Jupiter's moon Europa.

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Space: November 2014

Suzanne Vega played two, sold-out shows at Space in Evanston Illinois on Friday November 21st. The 9:30 show in particular surpassed every expectation (it probably was the single best performance by Vega I have ever seen) and was, in your correspondent’s opinion, a capstone to what is, at least up till now, the most significant, successful period in Vega’s career, even more so than her first breakthrough in 1985. 535 more words

Gerry Leonard

Space checks out The Librarians

Space has picked up Canadian rights to new US drama The Librarians.

The ten-part adventure series, commissioned by TNT, centres on an ancient organisation tasked with protecting an unwitting world from a hidden, magical reality that exists around them. 57 more words


My sermon for Toldot

This sermon was delivered on the occasion of the final dedication of ‘Seatscape‘ at the LJS – a project to stitch new seat covers for the synagogue chairs, launched as part of the synagogue’s centenary (hence the puns throughout). 1,961 more words


Docking Clamps Released

The other day, in the stairwell where I work (where I was gone for 3 years and recently returned), I saw a research collaborator I worked with three years ago and haven’t spoken to since – not even to say that I’m back. 1,681 more words

Air Traffic in Britain's Skies

The video on this page shows you the animation of how air traffic looks like on the area of British Isles. Enjoy :)

Video: Air traffic timelapse: untangling the traffic in Britain’s skies – Telegraph