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Apollo Series: Apollo 9

Many of us have heard of at least one or two Apollo missions, including the very famous Apollo 11 mission which landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on The Moon.   166 more words


Reebok Now Makin' Bacon

Yahoo News Digest reports that the Reebok athletic wear company now makes bacon. It’s reportedly “free of nitrates, MSG, and sweeteners.”

Other companies are sweetening bacon? 120 more words


NASA Claims That The Deemed "Impossible Engine" May Actually Be Possible

Hi there my nerdy friends, its me Jack Baker with another nerd post! recently NASA has made a claim that the deemed “impossible engine” may actually be possible. 572 more words


An Elixir of Nebulas

We hide ourselves under our own animal skins
Fearing of the fire within
Tidal waves rush over shores
For the loveless, I adore

Unruly youth… 153 more words

413 days later- You have to go deeper

Finding your voice is about being able to represent your way of seeing the world.