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The Vern gets some FEAR by having a ONE NIGHT STAND with SPACE JANITORS

Hello Everyone.

Usually I post one of my random thoughts of a movie insomniac articles, but I forgot to save it when I exited the file.  973 more words




So this movie is about this summer camp where slackers go to be counselors and cause all kinds of hilarity. Oh, wait … I think that’s actually Meatballs. 646 more words

Think you need to see 'Dumb and Dumber To'? Think again

You think when you show your son movies like Robin Hood, Men in Tights, Airplane!, Ace Venture, Pet Detective, Spaceballs and so on, you’re bonding over silliness and fun, as well as passing along a humorous legacy. 249 more words


A serious article about Interstellar, and where I've seen it all before

Much of the discussion around Interstellar and the science it contains surrounds space-travel via wormhole, and the relativity effects of black-holes on time. Time and Space. 698 more words


You Want Me To Touch You Where?

This past week in teacher training was all about anatomy, adjustments and modifications. The anatomy thing has been extraordinary. I’ve read quite a bit this week on this topic because I believe this is THE most important aspect of the 3rd limb. 541 more words


Thoughts on a Thursday: Confession Time

1. Confession: The only “ab exercise” I do is laughing. Like, a lot. I find it the most effective when you are surrounded by your closest, most ridiculous friends doing or talking about the most ridiculous things. 336 more words

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