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Curves are beautiful

Did you know…

People are more likely to judge spaces as beautiful when they contain furniture with more curves than hard edges.


Vartanian, O. et al. 12 more words

Mindful Findings: Did You Know...

Tiny World

There’s a whole world out there that we hardly think about, just because it’s small. Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko documents tiny creatures and fleeting moments in fascinating and utterly, breathtakingly beautiful pictures: 15 more words


Wonderful Decor For Stylish Decoration For All-natural Tiny Spaces Styles Dining Area

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Fantastic Decor For Elegant Decoration For Organic Little Spaces Types Dining Room – by way of
Today we will speak about this dining room style, is this a inspiring dining space proper with your favourite? 18 more words

365 days: Spaces

We love wide spaces.
With seemingly endless flowing white clouds.
Hard to give up a weekend like this.

Gray, Brown and White Is Not Boy-Ish At All

This small apartment in is tagged as a Boy-ish design, but really as a girl, I would love to embrace that style. Clean and modern, the combination of gray, brown and white is perfectly set here.

Source: Delikatissen DK


Chris Brown and A Nation of Raped Boys

I was made aware of this article by Women24 contributor and friend Laura Shortridge. The first read devastated me, not because I’m unaware of these issues, but because they strike so deeply into the heart of it means for me to be a conscious, conscientious human being – one that has an interest in making our society better. 202 more words


On "Democratic" Politics...

One of the great shames of “democratic” politics, is that we refer to the party that wins an election as “in power”, instead of “in service”.