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Spaceflight Is Hard: SpaceX and Galileo mishaps

Spaceflight is hard.  Failures are, therefore, to be expected.  SpaceX has analyzed the failure of the F9R Dev 1 test article in Texas recently, and has found that the fault was due to a clogged sensor tube which caused the vehicle to not orient itself properly, which in turn led to the on-board computer detecting the flight deviating from plan and terminating.  277 more words


Race to Build NASA Space Taxi Down to the Wire

A three-way race to build a commercially operated spaceship to shuttle astronauts — and other paying customers — to and from low-Earth orbit is close the finish line, with NASA aiming to award development and flight service contracts as early as next week. 647 more words


Falcon 9

SpaceX, a company with a huge ambition of creating a mars colony eventually, is a relatively new entity in the realm of Rockets and Space travel. 242 more words


For SpaceX, the biggest challenges lie ahead

All said, SpaceX is having a really good year. Over the past several months the company has been to orbit four times (a fifth visit was scheduled for this week, but it was postponed). 998 more words


This Luxury Capsule Will Take You on a 5-Hour Long Space Vacation

While SpaceX and Virgin Galactic seem to get all the headlines, World View, a luxury flight capsule, is expected to send tourists up into the Earth’s atmosphere on five-hour tours starting in an estimated 4 years time. 170 more words


SpaceX Delays Launch Days After Test Mishap

SpaceX delayed the launch of a commercial communications satellite on Tuesday, days after an experimental rocket failed mid-flight.

The private space firm founded by Elon Musk was set to launch the AsiaSat 6 satellite on its Falcon 9 rocket early Tuesday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, but the launch was delayed 24 hours, the Los Angeles… 97 more words