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Ick, A Mess

  Do you expect to be promptly recognized when you raise your hand, ass, or voice, bend an elbow, genuflect at the knee, upturn an eye, arch your back, stretch, stoop, bow, curtsy, or signal effortlessly with a sweeping, anatomic wave? 1,113 more words


See the floating rocket landing pad SpaceX went to court to protect

Autonomous spaceport drone ship. Thrusters repurposed from deep sea oil rigs hold position within 3m even in a storm. pic.twitter.com/wJFOnGdt9w

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 22, 2014…

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NASA Passes on the Torch: Conquest of Space Redefined

An op-ed I originally wrote for and published on CORE Impulse.

Just as a relatively clear sky welcomed a blood moon early morning Tuesday, April 15 at Columbia, clouds soon covered the spectacular… 877 more words


Electric Elon [Serious]

Recently, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla, Paypal and SpaceX) of Tesla has stated he would like to work in tandem with German car manufacturers, specifically BMW. 276 more words


The TOP 3 upcoming space missions I'm most excited about!

1. New Horizons – 2015

It’s been eight years since the New Horizons probe was launched into space, next year it will reach it’s primary destination, Pluto and Charon, Pluto’s moon. 294 more words

Know Right Now: Elon Musk Debuts New Rocket on Twitter

The billionaire CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, decided to show off his new rockets Saturday. He revealed SpaceX’s newly improved rocket, the Falcon 9R, which now has four adjustable wings. 55 more words