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Mass Paradigm

One of the most interesting things to think about with respect to the near-future of space travel is the removal of limited mass as a paradigm. 367 more words


The Death of Tomorrow an essay

This is an essay for my critical thinking class. The topic was on  consumerism. I found that to be really boring. So I made it about space exploration. 1,527 more words

MIT Researchers Destroyed This Plan To Send Humans To Mars

A highly publicized plan to send the first humans to Mars within the next decade is riddled with problems and probably will not get off the ground anytime soon, … 370 more words


Study: Private Mars Colony May Not Be Feasible

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (CBS Tampa) – A private mission to Mars may turn out to be mission impossible.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology students analyzed the plans made by the Netherlands-based  603 more words


Argumentative Analysis of SpaceX

From Aviation Week, they are discussing about if reusing engines are economically viable. Things you need to know is that SpaceX, a private space company, is trying to further reduce costs on their rocket by reusing the first stage. 243 more words


The Oak Tree Of Technology

Makes the biggest online discount sales look small!

Space Cadet could never be a bad thing – ever again!

For the women who want to go to Venus – well, you could give Elon Musk your number too. 47 more words

Bits & Bytes

Positive Liberty, Ep. 5

“Space Edition”

Hosted by Naomi Brockwell. Co-written by Joseph S. Diedrich.

Positive Liberty