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Open Heart, Lean In

It seems to me that the dance of the masculine and feminine is just about the skillful use of polarity. Women in our culture are taught to live to the masculine standards of what is good, acceptable, and productive; to be  750 more words

Back to Life after 5 Days of Extreme Self-Care

I recently took unprecedented action in my life.  It was the opposite of being on one of those reality TV survival shows.  I removed myself, for the first time in the 15 years since becoming a mom, from taking care of anyone but myself.   1,040 more words



dreaming last night

we were at the playground

children jumping, laughing


listening to life, to love

drawing the biggest spiral

the biggest smile

on my face



Choose to be Happy (You Fool!)

By Mike Youell

I remember hearing a spiritual guru (a relatively famous one) saying that we can choose to be happy at any time. I have also heard counsellors saying that people don’t make us… 778 more words


Before and After Li Po

Before and After Li Po

( improvisations on the poem “Jingting Shan Hill” by Li Po, following the lead of Robert Okaji)

Characters are rendered: 162 more words