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Time Off

The reality for us human beings is that it is extremely hard for us to just be.

Try this as an experiment: when you feel you have done your day’s work or finished a task, watch what you do, see how you fidget. 89 more words

Between Our Ears

Simple Pleasures - Time Away from the Noise

“Dear God, teach me to be careless.”

-Hanif Kureishi, “Intimacy”

So I just made a great, quick decision – I’m traveling without my laptop for the next five days (!!!).  

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Have you been lucky? Pass it on.

If luck is believing you’re lucky, as Tennessee Williams said, then I have had a lot of luck in my life. I have always felt fortunate, lucky, blessed, satisfied with the hand I’ve been dealt. 543 more words


Glück wins National Book Award

Last night, at a ceremony of the National Book Foundation in NYC, Louise Glück received the National Book Award for poetry for Faithful and Virtuous Night… 330 more words


The Four Keys.

Patanjalis Yoga Sutra 1.33

Matri karuna mudita upeksanam sukha dukha punya apunya visayanam bhavanatah cittaprasadanam.

By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion toward the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains it’s undisturbed calmness.

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the lighter you get
the more (load) you can bear

We moved (Silence in the City)

We still hear the train’s whistle blow. After spending four years just to the side of the railroad tracks, we’re out here in Portland now, no tracks in sight, but the stillness will occasionally carry the soft, faraway sound of the train. 208 more words