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Beyond the mind, beyond thought, beyond feeling, there is a beautiful timeless place where all is known!

Lao Tzu’s poetic text ‘Tao Te Ching’ is built around the concept of ‘spaciousness’. One of the example that he uses is that of the space within the pot – we do not actually use the clay of the pot, rather the clay creates a useable space in which we can put what we like. 571 more words


tough love

Tough Love? Because most readers will find the contents of this post confronts their comfort-zone. Like happened here when I first encountered these notions. I won’t be surprised if you unfollow this blog, but I’d nonetheless love to think that you’ll take a look for yourself. 759 more words

A Savage Wisdom

Now You're Cooking

There is a time, when for a second we wake up!
‘I’ falls away

All is open spacious

There is unlimited energy

It may just last a second… 19 more words

Between Our Ears

When you long for a spacious place

By yesterday afternoon, I was peopled-out. A Saturday morning worship-team practice with a group of amazing people, dinner and a beautiful concert with family, two Sunday morning church services then dinner and conversation with more friends – each in itself a special gift, but by the end I was longing for space. 808 more words

God's Character

Time Off

The reality for us human beings is that it is extremely hard for us to just be.

Try this as an experiment: when you feel you have done your day’s work or finished a task, watch what you do, see how you fidget. 89 more words

Between Our Ears

Simple Pleasures - Time Away from the Noise

“Dear God, teach me to be careless.”

-Hanif Kureishi, “Intimacy”

So I just made a great, quick decision – I’m traveling without my laptop for the next five days (!!!).  

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Have you been lucky? Pass it on.

If luck is believing you’re lucky, as Tennessee Williams said, then I have had a lot of luck in my life. I have always felt fortunate, lucky, blessed, satisfied with the hand I’ve been dealt. 543 more words