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I sit before Helene, observing, as she moves her familiar, old fear out of her body. Softly, my voice guides her. She pours the energy out with ease. 156 more words


In praise of art museums

In our noisy world of doing, doing, doing, art museums provide quiet places for introspection, spaciousness, receptivity and nourishment… find one near you :)

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The Urge To Purge: Spring-cleaning Never Felt So Good!

Clarity is achieved when I purge my house of items I no longer need or like. As each item receives its fate and is placed in the ‘off-to-goodwill box’ there’s a paralleled purging in my mind and spirit, as well. 413 more words


Spaciousness, acceptance, and happiness.

Doing what’s best for you in the moment sometimes feels so good, so uplifting, so enlightening, so relieving, and so light. Not only do I feel like I can put one foot in front of the other, but I feel like I am giving lightness to those around me who have felt my heaviness for the last 6 months. 96 more words


Drawn upward

I’ve been pondering her words all week: “Jesus delights in the things that delight you because he delights in you.”

Is it true?

We were talking about something else—I can’t even remember what—but my mind went immediately to writing poetry. 104 more words