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Roasted spaghetti squash with sausage and herbs

Another amazing spaghetti squash bake. The sausage and the perfectly roasted spaghetti squash marry the fresh oregano to create a flavor explosion.

I like using spaghetti squash as a “noodle” but I also just love adding whatever the heck I want to it to make a “casserole” style dish that is hearty and most of the time, cheesy, so Mike and I can eat on it for awhile! 293 more words


Day Seven

One week. A whole week. Seven days. One hundred and sixty eight hours. Now, I noticed several things when I woke this morning. Firstly, while I failed to get up at sparrows fart to go for a romantic (read: freezing and miserable) walk, I did emerge at a respectable hour, and I didn’t hate life when I did. 347 more words


Spaghetti Squash Italian Casserole

This is the recipe that transformed my boyfriend and I into spaghetti squash fanatics (or “sketti squash” as we affectionately refer to it as now).  I knew of spaghetti squash because a friend of mine raved about it in college, but I don’t think I ever tasted it.   271 more words


Healthy Eats: Simple "Spaghetti"

First thing you’re probably questioning is why there are quotes around spaghetti in the title? Don’t worry it’s still spaghetti….spaghetti squash.  One of my new favorite vegetables I’ve just recently discovered.   390 more words

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