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"Please Moderate" Spammmmers

Numerous spam comments on images are slipping through the filters this week.  Is anyone else finding an inbox full of wannabe comments in moderation?

All’s fine here in William Faulkner and Elvis country! 20 more words

Using WordPress - When Things Go Wrong!

Messages from the other side!

Another day another queue of spam comments to delete. But wait . . . today is different. Today:


I’ve suddenly realised the weird links, the gobbledygook, the dodgy looking articles and web pages mentioned by the spammers are not spam; they’re messages from the Devil. 670 more words

Literary Sketches

Spam Overload!

Hi everyone…

Just a quick note to let you know that due to my blog being consumed by spam comments, I have sadly had to turn on the “Moderate comments” button, I hope this does not inconvenience you too much, but the spam is out of control!

Sarah :-)

Card Making

Spam Poem #1

So Christy Birmingham posed a challenge and I am trying to meet it.

I don’t have a lot of readers of this blog (but that’s not why I have this blog anyway) and so don’t get spam comments here. 290 more words


Lovely spam, wonderful spam

If there is one thing I don’t understand it is spam. Is it human food or dog food? Does it count as meat if it has vegetables (potatoes) in it? 445 more words

Tyson Adams

Spam Poetry: the Last Minute One

I woke up fifteen minutes ago and realized I hadn’t yet written a post for today. Well done, me! Thus, here we are, with the latest installation of Spam Poetry. 284 more words


Dear Spambot Commenters,

Hello, spambot commenters! Thank you for stumbling across my blog. And for leaving me comments. It makes me feel like my opinions bring up many interesting points that are really spot-on. 154 more words