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Opt-In E-mail : They Know They Want It!

Have you all ever get annoyed by how constantly advertising messages spammed your e-mail inbox? Well have you ever realise “why don’t we ask their permission first?, so that they are aware that the e-marketers are going to send online newsletter to them every month! 314 more words

Get 100+ Instagram comments ☻♥

Hey Instagrammers :D
You all might be wanting 100’s of comments on your Instagram photos.

Here is a CHANCE TO GAIN 100’s OF INSTAGRAM COMMENTS… 151 more words


Assimilate Now

I haven’t participated in Chuck’s challenge for a while now and I have no idea why I jumped in this week.  It is SO not my thing.  436 more words


The Wordpress Spam Nightmare

I decided to move my blog back to WordPress at lunchtime, and unwittingly came across the spam bug in WordPress – when you re-publish a post that has previously been published, it emails everybody following the blog AGAIN. 79 more words

Life, The Universe, And Everything

URGENT WARNING: 'Unpaid Invoic' Risk

PLEASE READ – there is a new spam email doing the rounds with the heading ‘Unpaid Invoic’ (note the intentional typo).

It has a PDF attached which, when opened, downloads a variant of the Cryptolocker virus. 20 more words


Dissecting Spam

How is it that spam/phishing emails can look so convincing in some ways, but so blatantly fake in other ways? It’s always baffled me how messages riddled with ch4racter substituti0ns can look at all legitimate and worth clicking on. 447 more words