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Apple on message, spammers on iMessage?

Robert McMillan reports for Wired that Apple’s iMessage Is Being Taken Over by Spammers.

I haven’t used it, but iMessage sounds like a nice messaging app for communication between devices running iOS or OS X, … 113 more words

David Harley

Scam Alert: How to avoid getting scammed? (Part 2)

In the last post, different kinds of scam were enumerated and we also stated clear indications whether a website is a scam or not. Now, we are going to share with you the ways in avoiding getting scammed. 544 more words

iMessage "being taken over by spammers," accounts for almost a third of mobile spam

Security company Cloudmark claims that almost a third of mobile spam messages are now being sent via iMessage thanks to the ease with which they can be sent from a Mac, reports  298 more words


Spam-Bam Thank You Ma'am (August 2014)

Yes, it’s time for the next edition of Blast the Spammers!

They’re getting more aggressive and more creative – some have actually managed to worm their way into my legitimate comments queue.  471 more words

That's Life

Twitter details its anti-spam system, BotMaker

As with most things Twitter, fighting spam messages is not as easy as it is in other parts of our online lives. The traditional machine learning models and other techniques used to learn what spam looks like and classify messages don’t always work when you’re dealing with content that users expect to see in real time. 284 more words


AMA: Writing Edition

Note: I know that this is commonly seen on Reddit but I do not have a Reddit account so I will post it here. Please keep your questions PG-13 and no spam or flames as they will be deleted. 16 more words

The classy spam comes to me

Once upon a time spammers would try to sell me tacky stuff like Viagra or call me webmaster (which I quite liked) only to point out that my SEO (search engine optimisation) wasn’t up to scratch and that I should get in touch for advice blah blah blah or watch a 4-minute tutorial at their website blah blah blah. 381 more words

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