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Whole Lotta Spam

Is it just me, or is there a whole lot of misspelled spam comments getting through the WordPress filters this week?

Pause And Refresh

Oh Captain, My Captology?

“Human thought is not like logic; it is fundamentally different in kind and spirit. The difference is neither worse nor better. But it is the difference that leads to creative discovery and to the great robustness of behavior.”—Donald Norman… 572 more words

Psychology And Sociology

BlackBerry goes on the offensive, claims five ways BBM trumps Apple's iMessage

Earlier this week a report from Wired noted security company Cloudmark’s claim that iMessage is host to nearly a third of all mobile spam messages due in part to email addresses being attached in many cases to accounts. 498 more words

Tech Industry

Would You Like A Geriatric Striptease with That Spam?

Different strokes for different folks. More actual blog content coming soon.

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Why BBM Isn’t Vulnerable to iMessage’s Reported Spam Problem: 5 Ways

We all hate spam, whether in our e-mail inbox, or, even more jarringly, when it comes as a mobile message. Yet according to an article in… 612 more words


FB spam.... Sorry I can't be your frnd Mr 122341@facebook.com

There exists a certain place on FB where you can delight yourself with the spam messages. Its called the ” others” folder in the Messages area. 345 more words


What is going on Akismet?

Either I am being targeted by some very determined spammers or Akismet stopped working. Guest Authors if you see an obvious spam comment do not respond to it please. 31 more words