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Do a quarter million Swiss secretly eat cats?

No, no they don’t. It makes for an interesting topic though…

The internet is like a bologna sandwich, sitting on the counter, waiting for the gullible or even just well meaning people to partake. 407 more words


To all of the fake bloggers who follow me

My stat page says 195 people follow my blog. So you might expect a 3-digit reader turnout on my posts. Regrettably, this is not the case. 541 more words

The Regular Stuff

Spam Attack 4: Make your mind up

After a period of inactivity, I am once again on the track of the spammers and needing to clear off several comments several times a day. 232 more words


SPAM and Henderson's Relish

Simple serving suggestions – Bob’s your uncle


Kim Kardashian Loses 1.3 Million Followers in the Great Instagram Purge of 2014

While Kim Kardashian was a victim of Thursday’s Instagram Rapture, she also emerged from the purge with an impressive new title: the most-followed Insta-celeb.

In the social media application’s effort to delete inactive and spam accounts, many users saw a drop in their follower count, including Kardashian. 137 more words

An open letter to Carphone Wareouse

Dear Carphone Warehouse,

Thankyou for your concern in trying to contact me, one of your customers.

However if you check your records you will find that I did speak to you, on December 2nd. 233 more words