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Found Poem: Payday Loans (VIII)

The imagery in this one seems to be at least partially inspired by Revelation.  Perhaps this marks the Second Coming of Payday Loans.  Although I might be more interested in Payday Loans being cast into a lake of fire… 208 more words

Poetry (Loosely)

We Need Discus Urgently

Honestly I have no idea what that meant, but that was obviously a very important, missing a word or two, but urgent piece of spam.  I love spam.  503 more words

Daily Thought

Five on Friday - the spam edition


We made it!!


I don’t know about you but this has been a tough week.  I’ve been super slammed at work, trying to fit in all of my workouts and still find time to eat and sleep, and I’m still hyped up about Saturday’s bear encounter. 637 more words

Healthy Stuff

Madman Chili and Spam Pasta Salad

It’s when I have time to kill that the problems manifest. Because I was running ahead of schedule and didn’t want to arrive too early at The Pirate’s gymnastics class, I took the plunge and steered my creaky cart down a grocer’s isle which I visit with precious rarity- the “canned meat zone.”  It was there, amongst the canned wienies and jarred clams that I first spotted it.   381 more words


Ataques a paginas construidas con Wordpress que mandan malware y spam

Según recientes noticias se ha descubierto que varios sitios construidos mediante WordPress están sufriendo un ataque masivo, inyectando malware y transformándola en una fuente de envío de mails publicitarios. 146 more words


Sobre la censura en los comentarios

Hola amigos, varias personas se han puesto en contacto conmigo, no son muchas pero ya son, para preguntarme si censuraba los comentarios que no me interesaban o contradecían a lo que había escrito en él. 306 more words


Is Mata Taylor a spammer?

Yes, yes she is. So, have fun with her! This is revenge, translator-style.

This post falls outside of Vocabat’s usual purview, but it does have to do with languages. 881 more words