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'Clickbait' scams use promises of 'shocking videos' to spread spam and malware

Anytime something makes the headlines or goes “viral,” scam artists are going to take advantage. BBB.org warns that fake version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have been making the rounds lately, but it could be anything that tempts you to click without thinking. 306 more words


Who is Taryn Naidu?

Some people call Taryn Naidu a filthy bastard because he is doing business with internet criminals like spammers, scammers and bastards who spread viruses, trojans and other shit to infect your computer. 129 more words


Hi Friend, I ARE the 1 Admiring your Page COntenT Xcellence!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if there actually were a person behind those infernal spambot messages of vague encouragement? How perfect would the world be if some poor schmuck lived and breathed using such gawd-awful phrasings as the above? 234 more words

Creative Writing

The Email Scammer Project

It mystifies me how anyone falls for email scams.  Anything so blatantly playing upon my doubts, fears and concerns would almost immediately put me on guard, though clearly not everyone thinks the same because according to The Telegraph, a British newspaper, … 554 more words


Coping with change

It’s approaching spring in my part of the world. The days are getting warmer, at least in the middle, and I’m no longer walking home from the bus stop in the dark. 407 more words


David: Spammers Went After My Mother

I didn’t get to bed til midnight the other night. My sister and I spent two hours trying to fix a spoof Facebook account.

These spammers went after MY MOTHER. 109 more words


Boobie Look Warm

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of junk mail. And a lot of spam comments on my blog. The basic consensus of these comments/emails is that I’m getting old and wrinkled and need a booby lifting bra. 180 more words