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A good bunch of spammers since the post, please help yourself!

info@signrug.uk, sales@signrug.uk, contact@signrug.uk, all@signrug.uk, 0808-234-2043,

contact@purchasebtc.net, info@purchasebtc.net, sales@purchasebtc.net,

all@purchasebtc.net, carpets@mail2send.com,  contact@unitedcapitals.com,

enquiries@unitedcapitals.com, info@unitedcapitals.com, all@unitedcapitals.com,

+44 207 1128073, stewart.letterhead@yahoo.co.uk, +44 203 695 1812, contact@fridgebits.com,

enquiries@fridgebits.com, info@fridgebits.com, all@fridgebits.com, +441748 352086, 167 more words

Talking About Rodents......

As you all know I still moderate comments, not because my ex might comment as Norma Rockwell again (that still makes me chuckle, really, when you think about it they are a good source of comedic material. 431 more words

Lady Witha Truck

Comments and Hackers

I just realised that I’ve got some comments from spammers. And I thought to myself, “What is it that has made people crazy about being successful to a point where you can actually describe it as incessantly desperate?” 550 more words

Self Reflection

You win spammers

You are an aggressive, uniquely energetic group that has played freely on my moderation free realm. You aren’t spambots which makes me admire you even more. 167 more words


Social media brings out the weirdness in people

I may have lied a little about the planned posts, if only because inspiration struck and I’m prone to whim decisions the same way my cats are prone to napping on tables despite being told tables are for glasses and not for kitten asses. 621 more words


Why spam and unsolicited emails??

Its just frustrating when these marketing companies send you unwanted emails. I have marked all these emails as spam but then once in a blue moon they get through my spam protection to Inbox. 487 more words