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Breaking: Send Nigerian Spammers Grammarly PRONTO

Honest as shit!? I just received an email from “Apple” informing me of a security breach. GASP!! What do I do? What do I do? 617 more words


Paid Gooblygook

I have asked on Twitter time and time again.  I have received no reply.  Perhaps people thought it was a rhetorical question.  Perhaps no one else has experienced this.  603 more words


Now The Spammers And Scammers Come Calling

Since I started this pitiful blog, I have received attention. Thanks for that. It probably happens to everyone who goes a little bit public on the internet – the predators pop out of the slime and drool over the prospect of new meat while they set their tired traps. 312 more words

Let's Slay Some Dragons

Taking Advantage of Google's Services to Obfuscate Spammers Phishy URL's

Obfuscating phishy and “shady” URLs, as Warner called them in his Blog post, is nothing new. We’ve been witnessing various mutated techniques from spammers attempting to obfuscate their real intentions behind their shared URL’s in an attempt to increase the probability of successful phishing victimization and to evade detection from spam filters. 333 more words


That Wretched Profile Silhouette | *Rant

Recently, I’ve begun assessing my LinkedIn profile and page because I’ve got a big change in circumstance coming up, and I want to be as up-to-date and relevant as possible. 584 more words


Horak's next dick: hartz4millionaer2021.com

Jan horak is sucking dick.

He sucks the dicks of SPAMMERS who send you their trash every day. For example this filthy trash of a “stock expert”: 129 more words