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Lovely Tina

Spick and Span understood that it was all in the look and the top girls responded perfectly. In this pic from the afore-mentioned famous carpet sweeper set, Tina Ryatt, now minus skirt but regrettably white stilettos too, provides one of the “dirtiest” looks you’ll see. 102 more words


Anne and the Vacuum Cleaner

Back to those pesky domestic appliances and perhaps to the most astonishing set of them all. This one features a young lady called Anne Mattingley and the spread appeared in the Winter 1960 edition of BB Extra. 118 more words


Is It Or Isn't It?

Well I was going to wrap up the vacuum cleaner series today before taking a short break but I’ve put that on hold to next weekend because there was no way I could not post a scan of this old pic which popped up in yesterday’s paper to illustrate an article about the Co-op. 199 more words


Martina and the Vacuum Cleaner

The domestic cleaning appliance was still in vogue in later editions of Spick and Span, such as this set featuring one of the very few coloured girls to appear in the magazines, Martina Evans. 89 more words


Wishing for the Best

As I sit on my dad’s hospital bed & he’s having his prostate USG’d I got to think…

People get older. And sicker. It’s only natural. 230 more words


Take A Look - The Old Bay Bridge Now Has A Gap As Demolition Continues

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The unlovely and disused cantilever portion of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge now has a gap-tooth appearance, as this photo from KCBS reporter Chris Filippi shows. 57 more words


Tessa and the Vacuum Cleaner

Another early domestic scene, very well known, featuring the reportedly farmer’s wife Tessa King. Like the Christine Barnett set, this was outside the Bearsden realm and it could well be that Tessa’s husband took these pics (though the room doesn’t look much like any farmhouses I have known — more your well-to-do suburban detached). 134 more words