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Different Reasons for Using "por" / Diferentes razones para utilizar "por"

Translating the word “for” from English to Spanish can be a complicated task! Confused about when you should use “por” instead of “para”? Here are 10 reasons when you would use “por”! 10 more words

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Using Music to Improve your Spanish Vocabulary / Oír música a mejorar su vocabulario español

One of the fastest ways to improve your Spanish vocabulary and better understand Spanish culture is to listen to music! Depending on what accent you want to acquire (ex: Mexican vs. 509 more words

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Jar of sangria

Item: Jar of sangria
Date: August 26, 2011
Location: Girona, Spain

I don’t think there was a single day during my first trip to Spain where I didn’t have sangria. 23 more words


Producer Gabe's Sexy Spanish Talk: Crystal From Logan Square

Do you know the language of love? Do you think you can tell when something is sexy in a different language or naaaaaaah?!? Puerto Rican Producer Gabe is gonna say something in Spanish and YOU have to decide if what he’s saying is SEXY or SPOOKY!! 57 more words


Esp 2: Work for today

hispanic news

1. Pick 3 links from the above list.

2. Read each article.

3. Summarize the article.

4. Pick 5 words from each article (that you don’t know the Spanish word) and look it up using wordreference.com and give definitions for each of those words. 9 more words

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The verb "ser"

“Ser” means “to be”. It is the first verb we learn in Spanish and we use it to say who we are, where we are from, what we are, description, origin, characteristics, to tell time, and to show relationships. 90 more words

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