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The Soul of Juan de Pareja

The portrait of Juan de Pareja by Velázquez that hangs in a gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan is surrounded by other estimable works, even a few of genius. 1,101 more words

Mother love

I thought I would try acrylics for this cute animal portrait and they seem to work quite well. This nanny goat and kid were in a corral on a finch near Las Negras. 59 more words

High quality Spanish paintings: landscapes and seascapes

Bonhome is a Spanish painter born in Valencia, Spain. He belongs to a special group of artists who do not follow the current tendencies and avant- gardes in the world of art, but would rather paint what they feel, following their intuition. 75 more words


Welcome to Greco's Ghosts

New name. New enthusiasm. Welcome to Greco’s Ghosts. This website was formerly named Blogistemology – a combination of the words “blog” and “epistemology,” meaning the study of knowledge. 260 more words


Coronation of the Virgin by Velasquez

I still remember learning that Velasquez was Spain’s most important painter. It seemed strange to me that there was even another painter from Spain, besides Picasso. 19 more words

Two Tabby Cats

A little watercolour of two tabby cats sitting in a window in a cottage in Las Negras. A typical subject in a Spanish village but sometimes difficult to capture. 57 more words

Floral paintings with a Mediterranean light

Salinas is a Mediterranean artist, who achieves in his art-work a very personal touch of light and color, so typical of the Mediterranean painters. He specializes in floral fantasies, in which he uses bright and intense colors, defying the academic rules set for depicting landscapes. 23 more words

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