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Greyhound Musings Pt. 2

New York City is bonkers. It makes small people smaller and big people bigger. I found myself thinking that as I sat in the stadium seating in the middle of Times Square. 287 more words

Greyhound Bus

Reclaiming Loss Part I

People used to call me Shirley Temple, but the star is dead.

I was five at the time, with hair in curly ringlets. I was five when we ventured off into a whole new world—the Canadian McDonald’s. 454 more words

The fifth writing 101 challenge, the note you found on the road.

“Dear Ike,

Hablas tu Espaniol? Yeah, I don’t think I got that right either. Use or lose it right? Look, I just wanted to say I’m alright, for the first time in a long time, and that I miss you guys. 124 more words

The third writing 101 Challenge

The third writing challenge was about a song that meant something to us, but we had to choose three. Just that challenge alone a very specific and vivid memory to mind. 508 more words