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Lentejitas Ricas, Ricas - Tasty Lentil Soup

Hoy hemos comido en casa de un amigo y compañero de trabajo, donde su mujer, Adela, nos ha preparado una sabrosísima comida. Ni más ni menos que lentejas con chorizo, todo un clásico de la cocina española. 93 more words

Cocinando - Cooking

Spain: ¿Quieres Ir de Tapas?

From our international perspective, Spanish cuisine and the culture of tapas are inextricably interwoven. The word tapas itself describes not only the type of food, and not even just the way that it is served, but rather evokes an entire attitude to eating out and socialising. 526 more words


11092014 / Estado Puro, Shanghai

It’s a few days since I came home from my one week holiday to Shanghai. Mom will be flying over to Shanghai again at the end of this month. 481 more words


Red Fideuá

This is such a sensational supper dish and simplicity itself. It is a sort of paella but with broken spaghetti instead of rice.

Fideuà is a Valencian word, in Catalan it is Fideuada – from fideu, Catalan / Valencian for “noodle” – and it is a dish typical of  the Valencian region of Spain. 343 more words


A friend in town? There go my arteries.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found friends that are as food-obsessed as I. Particularly females. Nothing better than a girl who can really get down on some food.  435 more words

Pickle In The City

Padrón Peppers Pack a punch…well, now and then…

These beauties known as pimientos de Padrón in Spanish are one of my favourite tapas. They are so simple to prepare and have a wonderful fresh earthy flavour and, now and then, – they say 1 in 30 – one has quite a chilli kick! 257 more words


A magical tapa! Jamón Ibérico de bellota and peach.

Delicacy at it’s best. This amazing appetizer is delicate, delicious and very easy to prepare. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota and peach. 

There are only two important things here: 160 more words